You knew I loved you When you realized That a smile on your lips Caused a flood in my eyes And I knew you didn’t When those tears Hardened my heart


If you love me Make me fight for it Not beg


“Wake me up“ I said “From this sleep, with your love“ “Close your eyes“ She said Caressing my hair In our bed “Sleep now, dear and wait for me“ Little did I know That I’d sleep For eternity


What is it that you hide? Show me All that pain behind your smile Ah! Those tears that escape Your eyes Tell me there’s a story Left behind Why do you shiver When you shake my hand? I hear silence When you speak A voice unheard Hiding from me Remember when I said I’ve seen…

You believe in God, I believe in people For you, it’s a miracle To me, life is strange You believe in destiny, I made you mine The day you left Was the day I wished God existed

Letting go

Holding my breath, I gaze upon the ocean That lies beneath The mountain of guilt I stand on Brave enough to dive, Scared enough to live, Reminiscing the days gone. As tears flood my eyes; Tired of my disguise, now I know, It’s about time. Looking at the twilight, Almost dead inside I try with…


Let me leave your hand So I can catch myself Let me leave your side Time to be one with oneself There was a time, I wasn’t this man Lost in the world, seeking validation Longing to be vulnerable Chasing clouds, seldom stable Skies changed their colour One person after another Still the same, running…

This !

When apologies go in vain And you’re in love with pain I want you to look at me, Tell me you’ll be back again Countless nights died in silence Waiting for your voice Cruel were the mornings Laughing at our goodbyes With all the ways closed Your intentions, still unclear I hope you don’t regret…