Going to bed in wet clothes is not a good idea, I suppose. But I walk out despite the rain. A feeling is missing, it always has been. Searching for it in the rain isn’t helping either. A cup of tea perhaps? A penniless man on an endless road does not sound poetic. It sounds…

Free people

Society is controlled by influences, opinions fuel influence and mass opinions create stereotypes. When individual thought loses importance and crowd’s opinions stomp over individualism, there’s murder: of ideas and freedom. Freedom is an idea, of being able to act on one’s own will. To those who think freedom is a rich man’s vice and a…

Yo! choose.

We all got legs. Some run and others kneel. We all got hands. Some use them to create; others, to steal. There are hopes. Most die, some live. There is faith. Some sow, others reap. There are people. Most are slaves, others dream.


You say I’m an aimless soul, lacking ambition and grit. What do you know of the perils in choosing? The comfort in stillness and eventuality of stagnation and degradation? Let me be, o restless one; I have what you don’t but don’t have what I want.


I swear to you I’m lying, it’s true. I could’ve said it, I could’ve killed you and you’d have no clue. Bare handed, I stand before you, all I have are my words, they’re naked and few; they burn through your soul, fire in the hole! I know my way around and I shall break…


One by one, they took the stones out from the wound; I got tears in my eyes but I laugh, joke around and make myself at ease. “Whatever gets stuck gives you an infection” they said, still working. I see flesh hanging on my knee, could hardly fold it right. No painkiller was given, they…

Life in Hindi 😛

ज़िन्दगी एक जगह टिकी कहां रहती?खोए हुए रास्तों में खोई हुई मिलती है। This is what happens when Shreya triggers the philosopher in me. And Chandni! What would I do without you?? Thank you for typing it in Hindi for me. 🥺 Anushka said “add two more lines”, easier said than done, Y’know?? For those…

Life as I know it.

I lived a pious life, I desired to sin; I lived a sinful life, I craved for heaven; I lost in every step I was told to win; I won a few hearts and broke them, even; My friend, This is what life has been. A treacherous journey yet to end.


Love in my life is like cockroach on my toothbrush. I don’t know what it’s doing there and I dare not know. Everything is complicated when it comes to love as it comes with conditions and confusion. When you are alone, you seek love; when you’re in love, you crave to be single again. So…


Whistling winds sang along And I walked my way On the roads lonely and long “If you’re not weak” I heard him say “You can’t be strong” I searched for the place Where I belong So many eyes, words Waving hands and Hard goodbyes Still waters, silent hills Naked skies and snakes on road Whatever…


This man had a golden ring That guy could dance and sing The pale man held you by your hip The fat guy gestured me to sit Sometimes I waited in that car Other days, I’d just stand afar Won’t dare imagine where you were When you come back crying, hiding a scar Took the…

Walk with me?

To lands far away, I walk To heal my heart, I walk To make you smile I break my heart I move away I walk


Longing for impossible Giving in to inevitable That’s life.


“You know the scariest part of us being together?” He said, looking at her as she looked away “I miss you even when you’re right beside me. Where have you gone?” “You changed”, retorted the girl with a melancholic frown. “If I did, you wouldn’t even notice it.” Was his reply as he slowly walked…

Spent my life complaining About darkness and cold It’s all mine, the blame And conscience that I lack When I shut the windows Locked the doors And painted them black

Being unsure

Unsure of my actions Unaware of my fate Blinded by Faith What am I But a mere bird on a wire


There are some roads I’d better not take There are some places I’d better not dwell There are some tears I dare not shed There are smiles I’d rather not show There is a part of me That I’d never let live

Fever dream

When all the pain Starts to sink in, A chill surges Through the spine I close my eyes To dying light Nothing but darkness Surrounds me I’m used to these nightmares They can’t scare me In this abyss, taking turns Through this madness I run There come the sands of Guilt and pleasure Scorching my…

Plenty of fish in the sea Plentiful of cats in the alley I’m neither in the alley Nor at sea What I have Are thousands of miles In between I look out of the window And wonder why A girl like you would Choose me