It’s me.

I look at the door and wait for a knock. I hear nothing. I look at the window and the light that falls through, but it’s still dark. I let a squeal out, like a rat. Is anybody there?I hear a knock on the wall. It’s my elbow.I am there.


Walk away. I’ve got nothing to offer; not even kind words. Look around, look at you, look at me. What do we have in common? Nothing that you can see or perceive. For me, what makes you happy is a dream. What you dread is a wound that doesn’t heal. Walk your way, I’ll walk…


Leaves fell as I walked in the garden of hope; it’s not just me that wandered this morning, after those bees, butterflies and dogs that went around. Cozy was the place like the world had a warm sweater on. Took a moment, said goodbye to the cold. I see a passerby smile, people waving hands…


I admit I lie but let me tell you now, I’ve decided not to anymore but when I’m down and low, can I pretend to be okay? Will you stop asking questions? Will you just sit with me, in the quiet? The smile on my face might be fake but right now, it’s as real…


You’re gonna feel incomplete. There will be a part of you that you’ll miss for the rest of your life; a void. Your smile will never be the same but you will never be this ‘you’ again either. Let me drift apart slow, you’ll find another, darling, like I’ve never been here before. I’m taking…

You and I

You were like recess during school day; Like summer vacation and park bench; Anyway, darling, this isn’t about you Who were always present at some point, It’s me, always alone in company.


I know now, what I am; what I can be. I’ve embraced the asshole within me, come to terms with him and know this, my love, that I love you. When I’m with you, I feel no pain; when I’m with you, it feels like life isn’t vain. I forget my suffering when I tend…


Do not be the moon Hiding parts of you In the dark; Don’t be the sun, Shining bright, I can never see you With a naked eye; Don’t be a star Fading with the night; Don’t be the clouds Changing shapes Always fleeting by; Just be here, Still and serene like The yellow skies.


My level of friendship: You can tell me the same thing over and over again on different occasions and I’ll still listen like it’s the first time, everytime.