Worthless anyway.

I won’t see you; Even if I did, I won’t acknowledge your existence. If I did by chance acknowledge, I won’t give a fuck; If I started giving a fuck, You’d be long gone.

These nights, I swear.

Sometimes you need a clear sky, A moon, some stars And the audacity To say “fuck off”.


Your presence Was like a candle In my life That burned in broad daylight There’s no point anyway.


“What can you do?” I asked “What I want to.” She said “What are those that you can’t?” I repeated “What you have to.” She replied.

You call me an ember I’m a fucking wildfire I’m that Ray of hope Who was once a mere desire Beaten and bruised, Walked into your province Thrown to the wolves, I’m back with an empire The skies come falling down The horns have now been blown Now I want the world, entire When all…

I am.

I was in heaven, And dreamt of sins; I was in hell, And yearned for heaven; What I was wasn’t the question, What I have become wasn’t an answer. Tonight I kneel, Begging for forgiveness, Praying to myself.


Chained by life, Freed by dreams This isn’t what I wrote But a silent scream Scarred is this paper So are my beliefs

Welcome to my life

There are ghosts in my closet, I wear them to work There are demons under my bed, I talk them to sleep There’s a devil in my past, we’re together in the present My dad’s shirt fits me, it lies in that wardrobe I look dapper as ever But could never walk in his shoes…


She was a Queen Not to people Not to the world But to herself And that’s how she rose

I swim through your tears Hide behind your smiles I live in your fears Walk with you for miles Keep your pillows dry ‘cuz they’ll be wet tonight Hold your breath, babe This ain’t over without a fight Like the blood gushing through Your heart My absence will be felt Flooding in your thoughts You…


When an individual believes in something, it’s faith. When a group believes in the same thing, it’s a cult. When a cult infects the masses, it’s religion. You choose what you believe in, You choose your religion. It doesn’t always have to be God.


Over the hills and far away, I search for myself along the way; Where I rest is not my stop, Where I stop is not the end; The journey has just begun, my friend. Along came the wind, Around came the water, Nature is refuge, The sky is my shelter. I leap over the mountains,…