I think, I don’t.

Thinking is hard: It’s like I can’t think when I try to think because my thinking fails to realise even trying to think is also thinking. What do I think about ? That mirror that makes me look at myself even if I don’t want to ? Or that tap that keeps leaking no matter…

Do you hear me?

I sat on that old rock and spoke to the moon; There were stories to tell, ballads to sing, he was there, quietly listening. The choppy fluvials leapt with the winds, singing chorus to the birds as they passed by, flying. There’s a lot to complain about, tonight; My words are tired of their plight….

Her majesty.

“I want a watch like yours” she whined, swaying her hands. “What’s the use of having a watch when you can’t read the time?” I said. “It’s 11:30.” She muttered. “It’s the same time all day for you.” I burst out in laughter. “Okay 2:30. Now get me my watch.” And she walked away in…


The road was wide open; nobody except me and my dad on his old scooter which I hated. He was going slow, which I hated more. “C’mon! There’s nobody else on the road, what’s the worse that could happen? Go faster!” I groaned. A few moments later, I could see other vehicles crossing us, passing…

Are you not entertained?

Dis mrng I wanted to annoy ppl who flw me here on my blog with lingo. So here I’m, typng wrds tht miss lettrs here n der. Tryng my best to do it but it’s not enuf. Have u noticed no we also change spellings of wrds so dey r short n tak less time…


“You have stubborn eyes” he said What do you mean?? “They refuse to shed tears, your reasons aren’t reason enough.” What? Why? “Your tears, they need more pain.”


“I’m not like other women.” They said and they were all the same. “I’m just another woman.” Said she, who made all the difference.