One more night

Through the tear drenched alleyways of memories, I walk the path of thorns inching through my skin, smiling and thinking of you. I still remember, the sky rained promises that night; why only nights? I’m scared of sunlight. The autumn has come now. No sign of clouds that carried our dreams. I look at the…


I wish I could be poetic or at least sound like it but my words betray me, they’re as rebellious as I am. I count seasons, search for reasons and mourn my existence in this callous, decaying flesh prison that I’m trapped in. I paint my world black; the hues are too bright for me,…


They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel but how long is this tunnel?? How bright is the light? Why wasn’t I told that it gets bleaker the closer we move? The night has to end and so does morning; I think it’s useless to compare and contemplate because what happens happens. They…

The papers were white, embodying the light, reflecting minds; The thoughts were dark, like shadows lurking behind; Words were rainbow; in those colours hides our life.


If I slept yesterday, Wake me up today; If I don’t, put me to sleep tomorrow.

Stars. We’re stars.

We’re all stars lighting up someone’s sky. We’re all stars, fading away like glimpses of distant light. We’re all stars, only alive for the night.

Sinful heart

Through the crevices of my broken heart leaks a dim light, the fleeting moments of joy; A Crimson world manifested by my bleeding eyes.

Warped dream.

The skies are yellow The moon is pink I screamed out “hello” The stars just winked All their raised mouths Could hardly raise my brows I see this world Through holes in the walls. I run to places unknown, Wandering into destinations, unseen; These holes of my portals, Warp into dimensions. But the walls are…


I walk in the shadows, I dwell in the past Lurking in pain, the night is all I ask People are mirages, smoky, the path Voices are fleeting and aghast Hope starts to decay, ghosts come alive Guilt takes over, raining down the sky I walk further, I bear the pain For this life has…


Little did I know; The monster under my bed Was trying to save me From the monsters I brought home from wherever I went.


“I love you.” He said, looking at her face reflecting the moonlight. “OMG! A shooting star! I’ve never seen one before. You said it and it just happened. What is this?” She shrieked in awe. “In that case, darling…” He whispered “I’d shoot every fucking star out of the sky.”


You’re my drug You’re my therapy You’re the escape From my darkest side You’re my illness You’re the cure You’re my suffering And the happiness I hide


I’ll be the candle, Let me burn for you Share my light, Share my warmth Let me melt for you


Neither dark nor bright I’m that dying light Flickering Through the night