It doesn’t matter

I like it dirty. If you see me at a bakery munching on a burger, there’d be cheese all over my cheeks. Sometimes, my jeans may smell like spilled beer. There’d be fries littered on the table, the tomato sauce on the floor is understandable. My shirt is crushed and has stains, my jeans remains…

Our nights Kill my dreams; Our days Give me nightmares; Our life Would be my death. And I love it.


Let’s take a walk in this mad, mad world; you better hold my hand ‘cuz it’s gonna get cold. Lavender winds caress your hair, the entirety envies your flair, girl, you’re a sight for my sore eyes and a beauty to behold. Let’s have a talk in this lonely, crowded shack. Would you like some…


Life is a book, you say? You turn the pages Searching for the perfect end I do the same Hoping to begin again