Mario always fascinated me. As you play through the stages one after another, you’ll notice a repetition; certain stages reappear with little changes and a few new characters that hurl their shit at us. Then there’s a fire breathing demon spitting fireballs out of its mouth, one hit and we’re toast. You beat your ass … Continue reading Routine.

Listen up.

“Hang in there” they say. Little do they know that we’re hanging on to the edges of the wedges; we’re slowly losing our grip. That’s what we’ve been doing, bud. Thanks. “It’s all in your hands. You have to change your life, don’t be a lousy ass! You’re just blaming it on people and the … Continue reading Listen up.


I won't tell you it's gonna be okay; I can't ask you to move on. All I can do is sit here, right here and share silence. What you have is what can't be shared; the pain. I'll let you suffer and that's all I've got to offer.