Mario always fascinated me. As you play through the stages one after another, you’ll notice a repetition; certain stages reappear with little changes and a few new characters that hurl their shit at us. Then there’s a fire breathing demon spitting fireballs out of its mouth, one hit and we’re toast. You beat your ass…

Listen up.

“Hang in there” they say. Little do they know that we’re hanging on to the edges of the wedges; we’re slowly losing our grip. That’s what we’ve been doing, bud. Thanks. “It’s all in your hands. You have to change your life, don’t be a lousy ass! You’re just blaming it on people and the…


I won’t tell you it’s gonna be okay; I can’t ask you to move on. All I can do is sit here, right here and share silence. What you have is what can’t be shared; the pain. I’ll let you suffer and that’s all I’ve got to offer.


Dear love, Thank you for using me.

Random Thoughts.

Can I just walk away and not come back? In a world where there’s no right or wrong, from a place where people laugh, singing a sad, sad song, where I’m unaware of myself but conscious of others; may I not ask, just leave? Don’t you think it’s too much to ask? To not look…

The tears from my eyes, won’t tell you any story; The voice that died, refuses to say sorry; Those nights aren’t aware of the dreams downright scary; These lips now hide the burden I carry; Do you hear my silence? Can you read my thoughts? Do I have a choice? I want to be left…

How’re you?

It’s like when you shout from the top of a mountain; You get your voice back in echoes and that’s it. You’re empty again. Nobody heard you and those who did didn’t care.

Every morning.

Looks into the mirror; Oh! it’s you again. Walks away.


“Do you know what it’s like when we see you walking home drunk?” He said, clenching his fists, containing his fury, trying to stay composed as tears swept his face. “I’ve been living like a stranger in my own house for more than twenty years now, kid. Let that sink in.” Said the father, collapsing…


“How worse can you be?” She asked “When I hit rock bottom, I try to dig deeper.”


Parading myself In shame All along the way Walls fell, roads collapsed What’s left behind are Noise and debris Took different paths Scoured different ways Walked through the ashes Brushing off the pain Prisoner in some places Or a king in chains Broke the crown, I lost myself to people, Castle burnt to ground Carrying…

Spent my life complaining About darkness and cold It’s all mine, the blame And conscience that I lack When I shut the windows Locked the doors And painted them black


Put me to sleep, and I Cross my heart, hope to die This will be the Final lullaby

Oh my!

He stood in the end Of the lane, at the bend A group of four “I don’t see them” I’d pretend Please don’t say my name Don’t yell at me I’m ashamed Why me? Is it only ‘cuz I’m weak? It’s been more than I can take this week Everytime you pass by A part…


Neither dark nor bright I’m that dying light Flickering Through the night

Lesson learnt.

Promises can be and will be broken; There’s little you can do about it. People come, people go; Some go young, some grow cold. – From You don’t know how it feels by Tom Petty


I looked into the skies for hope “Stare deep within that’s where you’ll find it.” Said a voice Yeah, life’s that hopeless now. My own voice defies me. No within or without; Hope’s always around if you have the right set of eyes. (I happen to wear glasses)

Deep within my mind There lay a thousand nightmares Struggling to express, failing to impress Watching them leave, no one stays Look into my heart, get your share Judge me, go on, nothing is fair Trying to hold your hand, Unfit to be your man Crying myself to sleep, Going back to where it all…

Stagnant and rotting In the corner Lonely and brooding Wiping tears, there’s nothing To believe in, All the feathers of my Clipped wings Fly around me with the cold wind I’m the fallen one, oh yes Crashed down to the ground Shattering all the dreams Putting back together, piece by piece Rebuilding myself I could…