High and low

Take me there, atop the mountain; with skies above and clouds below. Let me lose my breath trying to make my way, I know I’m not here to stay but this keeps me sane. How far is it, the truth? How deep is the ocean of lies? Do I walk or drown? If every day…


I looked up to the sky and hoped for nothing. What could it even offer? I wanted the world That’s already been sold. They say it is cold But then, you sell your soul To faith, to work, to life and oh! Love! Kisses, never moist, eyes, always closed; Words so deep, voices shallow. Freedom…


I love the way you turn My silence into words; I love it more when My tears find their worth. The words now have A meaning, The shallow heart started To love this feeling; The smiles seem to have Found their reason, The bird of my soul Sings regardless of season. Oh, How you make…


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside

Can’t swim

You say you’re Deep as an ocean Always restless, With waves of thoughts Whirlpools of feelings And secrets buried in trench What do I do, my dear? I’m just another bloke Who can’t swim

At my dusk, All that matters Is Depth in life And Peace in death