I wanted my life to be a fable; so I had become the story teller. The world, my audience and I, a liar. I wished for them to be merry; so they have become my joke and I, their jester. I desired for nothing; but the world had become desirable and I, miserable.


She stands behind the curtain, always concealed; It takes her shape where she stands, only revealing her feet. I ask her questions, she answers me; the other times, she barely speaks. Is she naked? Is she scarred? The secrets are openly buried. Not one step forward, not one behind, she’s in the shadows, scarily quiet….


There are things that can’t be expressed in words; calling it love would be insulting to what I have for you, like searching for a pirate ship in shallow waters. There are things that can’t ever be mine. Be it words or you.

Where to?

Except for those street dogs in the suburb, loneliness loomed on this usually busy road. A few bikes went past me as I drove slow, soaking in the sunlight. It could’ve been a good day; everyday can be a good day, if only you could do something about it. On the left stood a bus,…

Life as I know it.

I lived a pious life, I desired to sin; I lived a sinful life, I craved for heaven; I lost in every step I was told to win; I won a few hearts and broke them, even; My friend, This is what life has been. A treacherous journey yet to end.


In these perilous times, We don’t look for eternal light; All we need is a lamp Enough to last through the night.

I see you.

I still see you Spilling drinks Laughing hard I still hear you Sharing stories Joking about Life and times I sometimes wish We shared drinks, Stories, jokes And life

Bodies of wax.

I caught fire as I hugged Your body of wax, melting Down steadfast I spread your light As the flame ate through My skin, and Reaching you, my final desire.


I wanna bathe in your sweat I want friction between our flesh Let me breathe in your breath, Get you dry, get you wet.

All I want.

I don’t want a life with you I just want you in my life Because I already have a life And all that’s missing is you


The world is huge, That’s what they say Do you think it’s true? Because wherever I go, I stumble upon you I wandered around Without a clue, A homeless man Who do I look up to? Fell from Grace, misbehaved, Ran for a lifetime, but I am sure Changed my world, Made my way, home,…


Let me touch I don’t mind, neither do you Let them watch With their eyes, so crude Grab my hand, turn around I’ll take you in, let’s make that sound A wicked desire eats my mind Feed it love and be my shrine The fire in me, awaits your wind Raw emotions, the sweat and…

Eyes closed

Why do you keep me up In my dreams? How do you make me dream When I’m wide awake? What have you done? I see you everywhere. Sorceress.