It’s that time of the season.

You can never be my sunrise, I can never be your sunset; I am not amongst the stars, You can never be my moon; The universe can't conspire, Nothing's written on the wall; We write our own story, Then take different paths, The sky takes another colour, World wears a new weather. And until it's…

Follow the star, he said You don't have to row far For you'll know you're there When the waters are shallow And your eyes are sore

Bird in water

Sail away, little birdie The skies have abandoned you Times change, don't you see? Tears won't do you no good Through these waters, Make your way Hang on tight, Don't you wither away The sapling has fallen It'll take you home Follow the tide Until there's no hope


When the waves flow Into the dark And the night hides Behind the stars I set sail Towards horizon Following the map With location marked Along came a cyclone Ripping off the mast I hear the skies roar Like it's the God's wrath "It's not easy, son To find your destiny Neither is it far…


If I believed in God, You'd be the prayer that has been answered If there was fate, You'd be my destiny If there was luck, You'd be my possibility If I had a heart You'd be my love If I had to choose It'd always be you


The sea is now calm Tides, gentle Time to set sail, I am the captain As the wind takes me forward, I transcend the memories and past There are adventures waiting New things to discover There's rush, I row nice and slow Got people to meet and places to go No crew, sails set loose…