Yo! choose.

We all got legs. Some run and others kneel. We all got hands. Some use them to create; others, to steal. There are hopes. Most die, some live. There is faith. Some sow, others reap. There are people. Most are slaves, others dream.


I’ve seen the sky change colours, world change seasons and people, their faces. If only I had known I wore one; I’ve heard that words lose meaning, life loses purpose and heart, hope. I travelled this far and long, my love, through the skies and masquerades To the end of purpose and edges of hope…


Stars shrinking into oblivion, it’s all black and so are my eyes. The speed I’m moving at, slightest of touch can turn me into a jelly, flesh and bones splattered in a second. Planets roll like marbles; the gas giants, near-far, far-near. I smell sulfur. When you go beyond up and above, there are no…

A place to be

Look where we have arrived; this place shines bright at night. They’re swimming in tears, tripping on guilt, these ailing bipeds and dancing to music of breaking hearts. “To glory” they say, the hedonists who reign their own worlds, going down the spiral of caprice and sin. Avarice had plagued them since long but look…

Autumn 🍂

Now I fly, like a withered leaf in wild winds; aimless and lifeless. Emotions have dried in the sun, rendering me colourless and for a moment, I wish I were motionless.


They say it’s sealed, the fate. That everything is written in the stars, in the lines of your palm and the wrinkles on your forehead. You don’t decipher but unravel and sometimes it’s too late. We believe in what we’re told; Who are we to say? Open your eyes, brother, it’s not the prophecy which…


It blows and blows and tries and goes. I’m here, I always am; lifeless like a stone. I pity neither the wind nor whatever cries within.


All I have are my dreams. What they are and where they come from? I know not, brother. They’re as lost as I am. I dream of everything, I dream of nothing; Everything is nothing and nothing becomes everything.


Oh! How they float, those aimless souls Those thick black clouds, steady and slow. Lost; too far yet so close.

Where to?

Except for those street dogs in the suburb, loneliness loomed on this usually busy road. A few bikes went past me as I drove slow, soaking in the sunlight. It could’ve been a good day; everyday can be a good day, if only you could do something about it. On the left stood a bus,…


Barely have I stopped walking; It was home That now wandered.

It’s that time of the season.

You can never be my sunrise, I can never be your sunset; I am not amongst the stars, You can never be my moon; The universe can’t conspire, Nothing’s written on the wall; We write our own story, Then take different paths, The sky takes another colour, World wears a new weather. And until it’s…

Follow the star, he said You don’t have to row far For you’ll know you’re there When the waters are shallow And your eyes are sore

Bird in water

Sail away, little birdie The skies have abandoned you Times change, don’t you see? Tears won’t do you no good Through these waters, Make your way Hang on tight, Don’t you wither away The sapling has fallen It’ll take you home Follow the tide Until there’s no hope


When the waves flow Into the dark And the night hides Behind the stars I set sail Towards horizon Following the map With location marked Along came a cyclone Ripping off the mast I hear the skies roar Like it’s the God’s wrath “It’s not easy, son To find your destiny Neither is it far…


If I believed in God, You’d be the prayer that has been answered If there was fate, You’d be my destiny If there was luck, You’d be my possibility If I had a heart You’d be my love If I had to choose It’d always be you