Bob was a regular fish who swam with his shoal. He enjoyed floating with lighter current and was also popular for going against the tide. It was a regular day for regular bob, shoaling and chewing on his food. The moon’s position wasn’t in their favour that night, the tides were high. When the directions … Continue reading Bob.


He sipped tea from the disposable paper cup, under a tree, enjoying the drizzle and petrichor. She stirred the mocha, her eyes, aimless. He put on weight; the tee shirt has gotten a little tight and life, hopeless as ever. She burst out laughing as her friends approached her, teasing her about the boy who … Continue reading Distance.

I’m done chasing the ghosts of our past,I wish it were a reality,But we both knew it wouldn't last. You broke my wings,I hid my plight,But I never hinderedYour will to fly; There’s no way your words will lead meBack into that path,I set you free, then,For if we're meant to be, we shall meet … Continue reading