I wish I could watch the stars all night. Alone. I ask nothing of the world, I’m too generous for that. All I need is some time alone. Looking outside the balcony is painful, everything is so far away. This is when I feel like the world is being a bitch to me. I just…


When I look into the skies, I wish I were a bird. They don’t stand for freedom, fuck that shit, but because I can shit on people and get away with it. I also think life is as random as bird droppings; not to birds, but us. Plus, I wanna know how it feels to…

If only

The sun comes up, the sun goes down and the moon comes around and it goes on and on. There’s sweetness in the air and reflections in water; I sense life in trees and I begin to wonder If The sky is a jar of honey, dim and golden; like the peak of my youth…

Heartland musings

There’s magic in the air. Fragrance mists from the teacup surround me as I slip into day dreaming delicacy. I’m dapper as ever, dressed in fears and fantasies; I have friends when I look back and see. Sip by sip, I gulp down my hopes; I open my eyes and it’s a slippery slope. I…


I am a dream. A hope of forever and the certainty of never.

A wish to chase

A star shot by. He chased the star, I ran after; one of those times, on a mountain up high. Town after town, door after door, through noises and mutes, left no stone unturned. I’d sing in the day, wander through nights, Thinking I’d hope, hoping he’d think, This is what we wanted, this is…

Questions and beginning.

The skies have always been bland, we filled them with dreams; the clouds never rained, our eyes were moist. Balloons fly, birds fly; tell me, why can’t we try? The pages were distant lands, we migrated; of memories and pain, we sing. Did you know? All we have to do is think. It never took…


When her majesty collaborates. I walk a spiral. Sometimes up, sometimes down but most of the time, I’m unaware and numb. At least I’m moving. I see nothing but the spiral that I … Distance

Whispers – collaboration

The wind has agreed to carry, my words in its liberal womb. We shall wake some trees from sleep and whisper songs beside the lonely tomb. Yesterdays hide within my heart, shielded by sorrows. I whither slowly, dreaming of tomorrows. Do you hear me, o resting soul! This is my lullaby, my sleep has waned….

That was just a dream

I wish I closed my eyes a little longer just to dream, to dive into the fantasies of subjective realities hiding under the subconscious. It scares me to death; what I see and I wake up to reality. I tell myself “that was just a dream”. Maybe reality is a dream and what I dream,…


It isn’t like what it was, it won’t be like how it is; these aren’t just days but life in layers, peeling off by itself one after another. Memories are a game of mind and nightmares are scars that haunt. We’re caught amidst the chaos of sleep and consciousness and nothing makes actual sense.

No dreams.

I had a dream. It saddens me when look back at the days when I dreamt of things. It’s even woeful what’s then now was now then. I don’t think I had a dream; I had many dreams. And I remember none.


I wish I could be poetic or at least sound like it but my words betray me, they’re as rebellious as I am. I count seasons, search for reasons and mourn my existence in this callous, decaying flesh prison that I’m trapped in. I paint my world black; the hues are too bright for me,…


I don’t know, sometimes it’s like I’m holding a ladder upright, really tight with nothing to lean on; dreaming of climbing my way into the skies. I might fall on my face but at least I’d own it.


In the corners of my mind, along the borders undefined hide the thoughts as my consciousness slowly dies. Whatever cries inside, whatever lives despite, when nothing goes right, wait for tonight and I try; try to run out of sight.

Losing yourself.

Sometimes I look at the clouds and wonder, are they as lost as I am? My thoughts drift across the sky with the clouds up high. Then I realise even losing yourself comes at a price.

And I’m grinning.

All my life, I’ve had a dream; Consistent and persistent, worth every scream. It was to play a guitar, however possible it may seem, I neither could buy nor have I had the means; To Play a tune for you, I promised and I tried, Trust me; Know that it hurts to see you leave….

1 AM thoughts.

I wish I could die; I wish I had the will To live But neither seem possible So I dream.

Dream on.

My father had a dream, so did his. When you stop dreaming, it’s life that you’ll see. I dare you to dream, A dream with legitimacy. Now ‘wake up’ makes more sense to me because our generation is as hopeless as it can be.

Fever dream

Water leaks from the cuts; I try to stop the bleeding, wash the wounds with blood. I wipe my feet with mud and smell the putrid skin, ah! The scent of my soul, decaying within. Ribs protruding through the shirt, fingers adorned with dirt; silence reigns this place, that’s music to my mouth. I stagger…


The morning sky hides behind the night; a never ending wait For the knight in golden armour, hoping to be saved again; The flowers live on, oblivious to their unpredictable fate. The lands, so barren, await the long lost rain. Birds search for grain, predators yearn for prey; Answers abandon questions, The hopeless kneel and…


The blood on my hand is now graffiti on the floor; the tattoos are red, skin stained with gore. There’s butterfly on my lips, sore eyes staring at the wrists. Limping across the hall, I cover the wounds with tape; the music sounds morbid as I watch out the window, clinging onto the wall. There…


Sometimes I wish I could remember my dreams; Sometimes I wish You were just a dream.


How do you do this? I feel your fingers running on my chest, like a feather going down the silks; the way you reached my back and then my arms, tickling, like pearls rolling down my skin, a touch so exquisite, it feels like heaven. Is that your hair on my face? Like wind on…

Warped dream.

The skies are yellow The moon is pink I screamed out “hello” The stars just winked All their raised mouths Could hardly raise my brows I see this world Through holes in the walls. I run to places unknown, Wandering into destinations, unseen; These holes of my portals, Warp into dimensions. But the walls are…


You ask me why I lay here all day, staring into nothingness ? ‘Cuz darling, when everything you believed in loses its meaning, your bleeding heart and shattered faith tell you that this is the closest you can get to dying before you go out and the cycle repeats. It’s a beginning and an ending…


I’m not afraid of a voice that’s raised; I’m scared of the stories that hide, suppressed inside your head. I’m unfazed when angry fists levitate; It’s the disrupted world we live in, that has me dazed. A liberal mind, That’s racist to the other kind; A light that blinds Paves a darker road and day…

Floating in the air, Off of this cliff, I jump, Into this abyss, Losing sanity, To reality Where sun shines darker, Where night gets brighter; Can you meet me there? When the rain flies upward And trees grow inward; Shall we stop and stare? At the unicorns that graze In the ocean of despair; Smiling…

Why can’t we fight?? I think of it every night Failing to close my eyes; I walk the roads alone now Thinking of you, oh how Soothing it was, to hear your voice! “Get back inside” Echoes in my head when I looked at the skies; Could it be you? Can this be true? “It’s…

Tell me..

Sometimes I feel Like Life is a dream And what I dream Is what I live. Opening my eyes to fantasy, Closing my eyes to reality, Tell me, my friend, Is certainty the new fallacy?