I think

For years I’ve thought – Of the living, of the dead: if they’d go to hell, if hell is real. Then there were the living dead, living what they dread. If there was a meaning, if that meaning had a purpose: to all of this/us and and then there were none. About the home you…

Of tombs and dreams

The fool thinks the sky is his home; Makes no sense when he says dreams give him wings. “Tonight I fly again” he bellowed “I close my eyes, and I fly. Away from you, away from living, away from the lands of barren dreams.” Those Soaked in blood, burning alive in the pyre of their…


I’d pour all my hopes into a jar and store them in the attic, if you promise you’ll come back, tell me you’d stay. I put myself to sleep drinking a glass of water and dreams but tonight, it’s just emptiness and me. The door is half open, windows are half shut and I rummage…

Rhyme for today

In the red house lives the red lady; she dances by herself in her red gown, the husband is out of town. In the blue house lives the short lady; juggling routines, chasing life. She’s got the blues. The other house isn’t green, concealed amidst the trees; There are flowers and bees but the lady,…


A spoonful of eternity in my coffee and a pinch of chocolate, that’s all I need this morning. All the time in the world is never enough to do the things I want to. “why?” I ask myself. I know the answer, I don’t know what I want. There are emotions littered on my bed…


He’s non compos mentis; athree legged dog hungry for a run. There are stars that you can’t chase; those are what he went after. Day after day, night after night. What did he want? He never knew; If only he could get his hands on one. The universe is filled with such things, one as…


I always thought the noises inside conch shells are voices of spirits trapped inside and cawing crows, ancestors paying visits. Clouds became grounds for castles and air carried whispers from time immemorial. There were thunder and lightning because gods were in battle and rain was celestial tear stops (or god taking a shower). When I…


I’ve dreamt for long Of wings, of sins, of air that fills and the voice that sings; for this heart of mine has mourned for long, of words that slipped, of tears spilt and life I’ve lived. Wake me up, stranger, tell me what I missed; if you hear regrets, put me back to sleep.


“When I start working, I’m gonna get busy! A job I love that pays me well. Not a minute to spare.” That’s what I told myself through school and college and here I am, sitting on the western toilet seat wondering what I’m doing with my life and why there’s a phone in my hand…


Numbness has lost its meaning. You felt no pain before but now you do and you chose to ignore, say you’re numb. I see you lying in the bed, staring at the ceiling. All the pain inside amplified by hope is eased by your dreams. That’s the thing about dreams, you live them like they’re…


What do i write? Of the demons that hide under my skin? Of the spirits that haunt my dreams within? The ghouls that wander when I’m sleeping, singing lullabies, weeping. I’m not alive, I’m not dead but I’m right here, enough said.

I’m fine!

It rained flowers that evening, filling our lungs with fragrance. Roads covered in colours like dreamland. Trees looked like cotton candy and grass tickled my feet. Oh this was the path I’ve always dreamt of, somewhere new, a place filled with love and hope. I fucking despise flowers And I’m glad dreams don’t come true.


Those who dream of flying with their wings tied are either delusional or rebellious. But tell me this, o wise creature, Why do you call yourself lost when you don’t know where you belong?


All I have are my dreams. What they are and where they come from? I know not, brother. They’re as lost as I am. I dream of everything, I dream of nothing; Everything is nothing and nothing becomes everything.


The shattered skies of my mind bleed rainbows. I follow the ghastly cries of the voices lost; finding solace in melancholy, searching for a remedy to cure my malady. Masked by colours of the rain, the world covers its Grays, every face, a masquerade. I’m blind to the hues now, searching for shadows that once…


And in the night when you hear their voices They slip you into slumber You won’t want to wake up Again


I looked up to the sky and hoped for nothing. What could it even offer? I wanted the world That’s already been sold. They say it is cold But then, you sell your soul To faith, to work, to life and oh! Love! Kisses, never moist, eyes, always closed; Words so deep, voices shallow. Freedom…


I thought I had wings and dreamt of flight, only to realise they were hands. Could barely crawl, yet life had me running after people and things. Everything was quiet and it was too late before I found my voice. I searched for myself through the eyes of people and ways of the world; now…


There are things that can’t be expressed in words; calling it love would be insulting to what I have for you, like searching for a pirate ship in shallow waters. There are things that can’t ever be mine. Be it words or you.


Little did I know; The monster under my bed Was trying to save me From the monsters I brought home from wherever I went.


Somewhere between hickeys and scars, You wandered off And I let you go.

Our nights Kill my dreams; Our days Give me nightmares; Our life Would be my death. And I love it.

Ask yourself.

What good are dreams when they don’t feel alive? What good is life when it’s devoid of dreams? What good is the world when it doesn’t give what you need? What good are you when you can’t find what you seek?

Good morning.

She wove the wool like braids for her hair; she tied it to my hand, couldn’t help but stare. Her breath smelt like fresh mints, the one people chew after they smoke. She tied it so hard, it reminded me of all the times I was constipated. Is this real? Or is this all inside…

Resting in pieces.

Sleepless nights never bothered me Neither did wraiths It’s you, babe, The graveyard of our love And the nightmares.

True story.

Women are like cars; The farther I chase, The faster they go. Love is like the stars; The longer the night, The more hope I had. I am a clear sky, Neither stars Nor cars.


Her eyes rained tears; As her dreams bled to death.


A fire burns From under my skin Look into my eyes, baby You ready to sin? Sweaty pores, naughty chores Lights so dim We get to work now Let’s sing Give wings to my dreams Add silence to my screams And tears to my eyes Don’t stop whispering Now nose to nose Ears to teeth…


“Here lies the man broken by His dreams” Said the stone as I passed by He lived with the world, Now he sleeps alone No dried flowers on his side And nobody to mourn What do you live by? I think as I smoke A warmth fills my heart And I escape the cold With…


Chained by life, Freed by dreams This isn’t what I wrote But a silent scream Scarred is this paper So are my beliefs