She turned towards her best friend who was in dire need of someone to help her out of the rut she’s in and said “why don’t you seek Prem’s help? He still loves you.” “I humiliated him, rejected him multiple times, made a fuss out of nothing, slapped him and kicked him out of my…


A tingling sensation crawls down my back; the kisses my skin now misses. The wind hugs me from behind, can’t get your hands off of my mind and I still feel like our fingers are intertwined. I’m not scared of mornings anymore, every day gets me a little closer to you. Now I know, it…

To my muse.

It saddens me.You were here looking at me, smiling; I open my eyes to darkness that surrounds me. The same darkness brings you back again when I close my eyes and I’m beguiled. Dreams are prisons and memories are torments; yet we surrender. Wilfully. The only answer I can give to any question that has…


Bob was a regular fish who swam with his shoal. He enjoyed floating with lighter current and was also popular for going against the tide. It was a regular day for regular bob, shoaling and chewing on his food. The moon’s position wasn’t in their favour that night, the tides were high. When the directions…


I set my gaze upon the lake reflecting the sunlight; a gentle breeze flew by taking the tears from my moist eyes. That was the moment I realised I cried And I don’t want to know why.

Hawa aane do.

I packed my bags, tossed them out the door. They’re yours now. Take ‘em and fuck off. (Don’t expect things to rhyme every time)


The cracked open lips that bleed tell you no tales of the coldness that dried them up. The dirt in my nails decorate fingers with the untidiness of life. Why do you bother yourself with how tasteless I am with the clothes I wear? Don’t they speak for themselves? The shoes don’t match, man, the…

State of things.

I don’t care. I won’t bother to venture into the idea of why things came into existence. But I do care about what they’ve become. And I’m aggravated.


We always consider the world to be one single entity. When are we going to realise that we build our own individual worlds? What if I say that every person has his own world? The world is small because we create it ourselves. It’s limited to people we meet, places we visit and things we…


Let me go, Let me live; You can run, I can forgive.

Hope. 🐛

Sometimes I wish Time stopped; Sometimes I wish Time moved faster; And all the time , I wish You’d stop And we’d move faster, Together.


I hid an ocean in my eyes, Cyclone in my mind Fire in my words And wilderness in my heart


I’m drunk on your love. When I cry for you, My tears taste like whiskey.

I see.

I see A voice behind your voice Words beneath your words Waiting to be heard Wanting to be freed

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried


Let me touch I don’t mind, neither do you Let them watch With their eyes, so crude Grab my hand, turn around I’ll take you in, let’s make that sound A wicked desire eats my mind Feed it love and be my shrine The fire in me, awaits your wind Raw emotions, the sweat and…

Her love was like a shovel, you know, I dug my grave with it


Pain, my dear And nothing else Keeps me sane ‘cuz when I looked up To the skies for sun, All I got was rain

As I stand In this rain, Getting wet With all the pain Feeling numb It’s all the same There go my feelings Down the drain Walking down The memory lane, I realize Everything has gone In vain


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside

A place

There’s this place I know Beyond feelings and emotions Between tears and smiles Sealed inside the heart Sprawling into the mind That’s where I hide, My friend, In my words that keep me alive Long after I die


“Give me back my face!” Cried my disguise.

Just so you know

Words wander around, As days roll by Every second, an eternity My world dreads your absence My pen bleeds, Dreaming of your presence Cold were you, as the winters Caught was I, in your blizzards All the ink froze Yet I write With blood and a rose Read with your heart, love For the eyes…

This !

When apologies go in vain And you’re in love with pain I want you to look at me, Tell me you’ll be back again Countless nights died in silence Waiting for your voice Cruel were the mornings Laughing at our goodbyes With all the ways closed Your intentions, still unclear I hope you don’t regret…