Begin again. – collaboration

I’ve felt moments embody eternities, posing to be forever. I’ve had forevers, fast and fickle. There were times when The slightest of touch echoed deep within. There were touches that stopped time and then there were lives that ended, Only to begin again. In collaboration with Anushka.


We’re stories. You, me, him, her; we all are and the best part is not knowing what’s true. So tell me, who are you?


I see tears. I know they’re fears fighting their way out of your eyes. You’re dazed by consciousness and caprices, choices and consequences, fate and expectations and desire for deliverance. I hear prayers in your cries, see the regret in your pain, hope hidden somewhere in the wrinkles on your head. Whatever path you take…


The bird sang yesterday; Ah! How it reminded me of Art and Free will. The bird sang today In the jaws of the cat, it squealed.

Come on in.

I think of blues as flowers grow out of the bruise; the rusty old chair sings songs of you. Eyes have shrunk, tears have dried, wrinkles on my skin have nothing to hide. Life was bittersweet, people fell like teeth; I wash my hands with a few good deeds; you know, to live is to…


If I slept yesterday, Wake me up today; If I don’t, put me to sleep tomorrow.

I will love you forever. Forever, until the end of time. Time has no end; Forever is a myth And so is love.


You ask me why I lay here all day, staring into nothingness ? ‘Cuz darling, when everything you believed in loses its meaning, your bleeding heart and shattered faith tell you that this is the closest you can get to dying before you go out and the cycle repeats. It’s a beginning and an ending…

Life as I know it.

I lived a pious life, I desired to sin; I lived a sinful life, I craved for heaven; I lost in every step I was told to win; I won a few hearts and broke them, even; My friend, This is what life has been. A treacherous journey yet to end.

Leave me.

Lay me down, put me to rest; The time is now, easy and slow. Under the skies, warm and clear; In the muddy ground, devoid of snow; Six feet under, leave me alone.

Happy new year 2020!!

To everyone who was with me throughout 2019, thank you for making my life better and worse. To everyone who wasn’t and isn’t, I don’t give a flying fuck. To the rest of the people, Happy Freaking New Year!!! We all know it’s gonna be the same anyway but why lose hope? Fool your hearts,…

Back to life.

The suppressed voice didn’t dare lash out. The world was getting blurrier, adding to it, the double vision. Is the sky falling down? Why does it feel like the ground is about to cave in? There are people staring but nobody seemed to care. I couldn’t feel my arms anymore; my legs gave up on…


Every love story Is true Until it lasts.

Silver lining.

You promised me life; All I got is a story. The tale might be unfinished But the book sure is.


Life is a book, you say? You turn the pages Searching for the perfect end I do the same Hoping to begin again

At my dusk, All that matters Is Depth in life And Peace in death