Is there an ocean in your eyes? Or is it the deep blue sky? ‘cuz when I look into you, girl, I get lost in an endless night.

Just so you know.

Close your eyes, baby girl, listen to what I say; And know this, I’m always there, Just a dream away.


Whistling winds sang along And I walked my way On the roads lonely and long “If you’re not weak” I heard him say “You can’t be strong” I searched for the place Where I belong So many eyes, words Waving hands and Hard goodbyes Still waters, silent hills Naked skies and snakes on road Whatever…

Follow the star, he said You don’t have to row far For you’ll know you’re there When the waters are shallow And your eyes are sore

Rest in my eyes Bathe in my tears Sleep tight, baby Forget all your fears Let my cries Be your lullabies For you are the pain That I hold dear


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside

Eyes closed

Why do you keep me up In my dreams? How do you make me dream When I’m wide awake? What have you done? I see you everywhere. Sorceress.


“Wake me up“ I said “From this sleep, with your love“ “Close your eyes“ She said Caressing my hair In our bed “Sleep now, dear and wait for me“ Little did I know That I’d sleep For eternity

Fever dream

When all the pain Starts to sink in, A chill surges Through the spine I close my eyes To dying light Nothing but darkness Surrounds me I’m used to these nightmares They can’t scare me In this abyss, taking turns Through this madness I run There come the sands of Guilt and pleasure Scorching my…

Her weary eyes Tell me tales, of Laughter and mourning The tears that dried Revealed, She was indeed, drowning Those lips That once donned a smile Hiding behind the wisps Now carry a frown She had no disguise Whatever was left behind Came back to her And she held on tight Queen was she Of…