I’d pour all my hopes into a jar and store them in the attic, if you promise you’ll come back, tell me you’d stay. I put myself to sleep drinking a glass of water and dreams but tonight, it’s just emptiness and me. The door is half open, windows are half shut and I rummage…

The path

Even if I knew, I couldn’t beEven if I could, I wouldn’t beEven if I would, I still have to know I might walk, but I see no pathThere might be a path, but I can’t believeIf belief is the path, I dare not tread In response to her majesty Nawazish. Also, here’s my Instagram…


I walk on water with a candle in my hand. The candle doesn’t light my path, neither does it give me warmth. It’s a dark, dark world. The sweeping winds try to smother the littlest light I’ve got but we hold on. I walk towards the horizon; they say it’s where the world ends. Night…


“God helps those who help themselves” she said. Uh huh? Now why would I pray for god’s help if I could do it myself? (Now don’t you dare tell me praying or trying harder is helping myself. Y’know what I mean.)


Cowards cry in rain, they’re afraid of pain. What is sorrow that’s not felt when tears crawl down your eyes like razors cutting through skin? I’m not afraid; to face, to embrace, to fade. Again. I refuse to comply to their subjective morals, those flawed beliefs and pointless faith with a distorted sense of self…


Books ain’t holy, lies ain’t ugly, oh! Have I told you? The truth ain’t pretty. I’d look your god in the eye, I’m telling you, faith is a crime that’s petty. You think there’s life after life and no death in the afterlife; what do you look for? The end of darkness? A sign of…


I’ve always imagined myself to be good but when I realised the expanse of ‘good’, it had become more evil than it’s supposed to be; The nonexistence of existing convictions left a void that no fabricated morals could fill. A restless search for meaning that began with a disquiet in my heart left me stranded…

Dear you

If I took your name, would it save me from shame? My sins laugh at me when I kneel and pray. When convictions suppress conscience, the only solace is faith. Tell me, what sanctifies you? I try to understand and fail. Sometimes, existence is belief and I choose to disbelieve. My wrong questions, their right…


I walked with my eyes closed to know how far I’d go without bumping into whatever came my way. I could smell the rain, it’s about to take the leap of faith but the clouds looked too adamant, I saw them before I closed my eyes. The first step was cautious, second a little loose;…


I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith; Of blind faith. “There’s air in the waters” they said. Why have I not been told That I can’t breathe?


I see tears. I know they’re fears fighting their way out of your eyes. You’re dazed by consciousness and caprices, choices and consequences, fate and expectations and desire for deliverance. I hear prayers in your cries, see the regret in your pain, hope hidden somewhere in the wrinkles on your head. Whatever path you take…

“The stars shine for us”, we’ve been told, “there’s someone watching over”, and we’re sold. Then we grow up, realise these lies are centuries old. They say there’s an eternal fire burning within, is it the same fire that burns through your soul? Why is it too late by the time we realise hopes are…


For every time I said I don’t believe, Let me tell you, there was a time when I had nothing but that. You can only lose what you always had. What you don’t is what you won’t.


Truth when questioned enough becomes a lie; Lie that’s believed turns into the truth. Questions are answered yet No answers are questioned; Freedom is not fundamental, Rights aren’t right when used. I’ve lost belief in faith, There’s no faith in what I believe.

What rules you?

There was a time when God inspired hope. Now, he’s nothing more than a scapegoat. This begs the question, who created whom?Because today, what rule us are neither God nor his teachings But religion, people and their preaching. I say, enough with the Tartuffery.


I got flies flying around my cookies; They must’ve gotten soft now, the cookies not flies. Flies are persistent as fuck. They just don’t give up and they’re pretty badass, man. They poop and vomit when they land on you. I grabbed the cookie and tried to take a bite, had no idea what I…


Sometimes I wish I could remember my dreams; Sometimes I wish You were just a dream.


A soul truly lost loses itself in belief, in hope Of finding itself again. What’s lost isn’t recovered, what is found isn’t what is lost. What do you choose? What do you know? Where will this path lead you to? Where do you go?


Little did I know; The monster under my bed Was trying to save me From the monsters I brought home from wherever I went.


Somewhere between hickeys and scars, You wandered off And I let you go.


It felt like love and We said we were old enough; When we knew it was love, We were kids again.


Whenever I have something in mind, I take a paper and either write about it or draw a picture. If I was a painter, I’d paint, if I was a sculptor, I’d make an idol or a statue. It’s a way of giving my thoughts a shape and meaning. It’s not necessary that expression is…

Or an Atheist.

I realize what I see I believe in what I say I sing blasphemy I write my own fate I am my own god Call me a heathen


Down the road, up the hill, Chasing ghosts from memories Reaching out To those tangible melodies Your footprints are in the sand I Fill my feet in from behind Walking the path, being washed away By the waves that came from nowhere There’s a voice calling me, “This way leads you into the deep; Wake…


“I love you” “I love you more” “Okay then, bye.” And they lived happily ever after. Sometimes, love is merely an answer and separation, a solution.

I swim through your tears Hide behind your smiles I live in your fears Walk with you for miles Keep your pillows dry ‘cuz they’ll be wet tonight Hold your breath, babe This ain’t over without a fight Like the blood gushing through Your heart My absence will be felt Flooding in your thoughts You…

I let my guard down I gave you my crown You ruled my kingdom and Dragged me to the ground


When an individual believes in something, it’s faith. When a group believes in the same thing, it’s a cult. When a cult infects the masses, it’s religion. You choose what you believe in, You choose your religion. It doesn’t always have to be God.