Cowards cry in rain, they’re afraid of pain. What is sorrow that’s not felt when tears crawl down your eyes like razors cutting through skin? I’m not afraid; to face, to embrace, to fade. Again. I refuse to comply to their subjective morals, those flawed beliefs and pointless faith with a distorted sense of self … Continue reading Tears


Books ain’t holy, lies ain’t ugly, oh! Have I told you? The truth ain’t pretty. I’d look your god in the eye, I’m telling you, faith is a crime that’s petty. You think there’s life after life and no death in the afterlife; what do you look for? The end of darkness? A sign of … Continue reading Sins

“The stars shine for us”, we’ve been told, “there’s someone watching over”, and we’re sold. Then we grow up, realise these lies are centuries old. They say there’s an eternal fire burning within, is it the same fire that burns through your soul? Why is it too late by the time we realise hopes are … Continue reading


Truth when questioned enough becomes a lie; Lie that’s believed turns into the truth. Questions are answered yet No answers are questioned; Freedom is not fundamental, Rights aren’t right when used. I’ve lost belief in faith, There’s no faith in what I believe.


When an individual believes in something, it's faith. When a group believes in the same thing, it's a cult. When a cult infects the masses, it's religion. You choose what you believe in, You choose your religion. It doesn't always have to be God.