Autumn 🍂

Now I fly, like a withered leaf in wild winds; aimless and lifeless. Emotions have dried in the sun, rendering me colourless and for a moment, I wish I were motionless.

This darkness

I rubbed my finger against the wall and it turned black like my shadow, dense and opaque. Whatever I touched, wherever I went, obscured; all the light absorbed. Nothing emitted, nothing gets out. There are no roads, neither a path, not one direction yet I walk. The world bled red but why it did was…


Now that I leapt, I’d enjoy the fall; It’s a flatline, I know When I hit the ground. Anushka: No matter where you go,You might fall;Be insistent and resilient to make sure,For in all this and moreThe past is long gone..!! (Her spontaneity is astonishing)


The skies never fell It’s us that did; how dare we Turn the world into metaphors When we ourselves are one!


A leaf doesn’t have to be dry To fall.

I’m the hourglass, You’re the sand Filling me up When I’m upside down Together baby, We’re the time Fragile yet immortal


What is it that you hide? Show me All that pain behind your smile Ah! Those tears that escape Your eyes Tell me there’s a story Left behind Why do you shiver When you shake my hand? I hear silence When you speak A voice unheard Hiding from me Remember when I said I’ve seen…