Yo! choose.

We all got legs. Some run and others kneel. We all got hands. Some use them to create; others, to steal. There are hopes. Most die, some live. There is faith. Some sow, others reap. There are people. Most are slaves, others dream.


I see tears. I know they’re fears fighting their way out of your eyes. You’re dazed by consciousness and caprices, choices and consequences, fate and expectations and desire for deliverance. I hear prayers in your cries, see the regret in your pain, hope hidden somewhere in the wrinkles on your head. Whatever path you take…


Barely have I stopped walking; It was home That now wandered.

It’s that time of the season.

You can never be my sunrise, I can never be your sunset; I am not amongst the stars, You can never be my moon; The universe can’t conspire, Nothing’s written on the wall; We write our own story, Then take different paths, The sky takes another colour, World wears a new weather. And until it’s…

Or an Atheist.

I realize what I see I believe in what I say I sing blasphemy I write my own fate I am my own god Call me a heathen

Being unsure

Unsure of my actions Unaware of my fate Blinded by Faith What am I But a mere bird on a wire

You’re the rain I’d love to drench myself in But curse my fate For I am a desert