Y’know there’s a solution to every problem, don’t you? if there’s no solution, then it’s not your problem. Oh I know you don’t agree, darling. I agree there are things that lead to a dead end. Your broken heart may sing soulful melodies as you walk down a thorny path barefoot; what else can we…


Tear through my tissuesSever my nervesPush in deepPull it out, I won’t weepLook me in the eyeTell me it’s okayTell me I’ll liveLet me bleed

I Stand

I stand barefoot, soiling my feet. It rained in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and is freezing at night. I hear chirping birds, cawing crows, gentle breezes, wild winds and howling canines. I start to erode but I stand. I stood still. I still stand.


I should’ve been there. I know. It should’ve been my T shirt, not your pillow that soaks up your tears; should’ve been my ears not the walls that hear. The pavement that I sit on isn’t cozy, Y’know.. my face rests in my palms, I’m restless. The stillness of this moment has me perturbed. I…


I swam an ocean of memories and each drop, an injury.


From torn sketches to lost books, it has been a tedious ride. I remember the wind in my hair and sunlight on my face as I rode my bicycle to school and the tears that ran down my cheeks because of broken things. I’ve travelled miles of years from dusk till dawn, bound to people…


I held my breath as I walked to you; O Girl, you take my breath away! I held it back to save myself, to live; For I can die But cannot live your way.

Hawa aane do.

I packed my bags, tossed them out the door. They’re yours now. Take ‘em and fuck off. (Don’t expect things to rhyme every time)

State of things.

I don’t care. I won’t bother to venture into the idea of why things came into existence. But I do care about what they’ve become. And I’m aggravated.

Worthless anyway.

I won’t see you; Even if I did, I won’t acknowledge your existence. If I did by chance acknowledge, I won’t give a fuck; If I started giving a fuck, You’d be long gone.


Broken crayons still colour. What about the burning ones? Are they still crayons? They’re melting away, lady. Fuck the shade, They’re out of shape.


I won’t tell you it’s gonna be okay; I can’t ask you to move on. All I can do is sit here, right here and share silence. What you have is what can’t be shared; the pain. I’ll let you suffer and that’s all I’ve got to offer.


Let me go, Let me live; You can run, I can forgive.

Hope. 🐛

Sometimes I wish Time stopped; Sometimes I wish Time moved faster; And all the time , I wish You’d stop And we’d move faster, Together.


Your presence Was like a candle In my life That burned in broad daylight There’s no point anyway.

What have you done?

We could always have been the should have beens. But now, we’re might’ve beens. Kudos to us, thanks to you. If you don’t mind, can you Move out of my way?


I looked at your picture this morning and said to myself: “If only she loved me like she loved herself” What an irony.


That sad moment when you know That You helped her find herself At the cost of losing yourself.

Wink wink.

You loved me, I loved you back; You hurt me, I tried to understand; I left you, you came back; Now I’ll hurt you, you’ll understand. (This is something that just came up and not directed towards anyone.)

An old draft.

Whatever we said to each other and everything that meant the world to us; the silence, stolen kisses, moments up against the wall, sharing food, staring at stars that fall, words said, promises made, the home we dreamt of, the world we wanted to tour; They don’t mean shit now. Remember when you said you’d…


Is there an ocean in your eyes? Or is it the deep blue sky? ‘cuz when I look into you, girl, I get lost in an endless night.

Single. ;)

I lived with people I loved alone I talked to people I’m still a stone

Will you?

Would you write to me, love When we’re far apart? Would your love still be love Even in times of war? Would you walk with me, Smiling, from scar to scar? Does your pen still bleed? What does your paper need? To tell my story, to show us fall Remember those times, Wall to wall?…


“I did it for you” She said “I don’t want you to wait for me. It’s not fair.” And concluded. “Was it fair enough to not consider my feelings?” He said. Silence was her answer. “Goodbye” was his solution.


I love the way you turn My silence into words; I love it more when My tears find their worth. The words now have A meaning, The shallow heart started To love this feeling; The smiles seem to have Found their reason, The bird of my soul Sings regardless of season. Oh, How you make…


I hid an ocean in my eyes, Cyclone in my mind Fire in my words And wilderness in my heart


I’m drunk on your love. When I cry for you, My tears taste like whiskey.

I see.

I see A voice behind your voice Words beneath your words Waiting to be heard Wanting to be freed

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried

Her love was like a shovel, you know, I dug my grave with it