Lost Hope

A spark of emptiness instigates fire in the forest. I feel the heat on my skin; there are voices, screaming and crying but nobody to be seen. I see footprints in the ashes and my trail, covered in flames. I move on. Following a highway on which I now walk naked, overexposed and shamed; Oh,…

I set out at dusk, the road is warm and dusty. The sun’s retreating, you see, scared little twat knows I’m out to get him. The sky is bare now, its nakedness turns me on. The clouds take their time to dress it up; ah! there they are, the stars! Sneaky bastards! I hear the…


Broken crayons still colour. What about the burning ones? Are they still crayons? They’re melting away, lady. Fuck the shade, They’re out of shape.


I’m fire, baby. My sparks burn bright, My embers keep you warm, Give you light. Play with the flame, They burn you down, It’s gonna be a long night.


I’m not afraid of a voice that’s raised; I’m scared of the stories that hide, suppressed inside your head. I’m unfazed when angry fists levitate; It’s the disrupted world we live in, that has me dazed. A liberal mind, That’s racist to the other kind; A light that blinds Paves a darker road and day…

Bodies of wax.

I caught fire as I hugged Your body of wax, melting Down steadfast I spread your light As the flame ate through My skin, and Reaching you, my final desire.

It’s that time of the season.

You can never be my sunrise, I can never be your sunset; I am not amongst the stars, You can never be my moon; The universe can’t conspire, Nothing’s written on the wall; We write our own story, Then take different paths, The sky takes another colour, World wears a new weather. And until it’s…


You set fire to my heart Now a hundred more Burn along

You call me an ember I’m a fucking wildfire I’m that Ray of hope Who was once a mere desire Beaten and bruised, Walked into your province Thrown to the wolves, I’m back with an empire The skies come falling down The horns have now been blown Now I want the world, entire When all…

I am.

I am an ocean That touches no shore I’m the wind That hesitates to blow A fire, Without heat and the glow The kind of pain That comes after love


Sometimes I talk to the stars They listen, y’know Sometimes I listen to the wind It sings, soft and slow Sometimes I look into the water And hear it say, “you’re in for a show” Sometimes I sit by the fire As it warms my soul Sometimes I lose myself Searching for you


Oh You set fire to my soul Tell me, babe What do I do? Stop, drop and roll?


Ask these walls, they know your touch Look at these stairs, remember our steps? Those steamy hours of rush Tense moments of hush Clothes soaked in sweat I see you Gasping for breath There’s wildfire inside of you Burning me from beneath Let me set my demons loose Consider it penance Inside you lies my…

A man.

From the ashes, he rose In the darkness and smoke Scarred by his past Bleeding from the blame Bright shone his eyes A soul set ablaze Strong, his desire Driven by hate Hell was the path, A battle with fate Steps, heavy Breath on fire Mind numb, A walking nightmare Vengeance in his blood, Blood…