I’m on a journey, I took a path, Everything is great And I know I’m going nowhere.


Happiness, you see Is like a wanderer It goes away, gets lost But wherever it is Eventually finds home.

Lost and found.

In collaboration with the she-wolf, Stephanie. Where was your hand, When I fell to the ground? At night, searching lonely.. Your shadow nowhere to be found. When I screamed your name running, Your voice made no sound. Not in your arms, I’m homeless. But somehow, I’ve been found.


You’re to me, Like dreams are to sleep Sometimes a nightmare, Sometimes, sweet Forever in my mind’s eye Lost when I lose the sleep (Come, let’s count sheep)

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried