Lush green

I got a basket full of sunshineAnd a bottle full of windI hid warmth in my palmsAnd winters in my heartI wait for you in the gardenOf fairies and hopeI have a heart full of wishesAnd a mellow soulIf you want meFind meWalking down the slope


Leaves fell as I walked in the garden of hope; it’s not just me that wandered this morning, after those bees, butterflies and dogs that went around. Cozy was the place like the world had a warm sweater on. Took a moment, said goodbye to the cold. I see a passerby smile, people waving hands…


I admit I lie but let me tell you now, I’ve decided not to anymore but when I’m down and low, can I pretend to be okay? Will you stop asking questions? Will you just sit with me, in the quiet? The smile on my face might be fake but right now, it’s as real…

Stay with me.

Would you be my compatriot? We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall talk; turn our faces in disquiet. There’s music, there are drinks, there are people we shall meet; there are sorrows, there is pain, tiny moments of joy taking our breath away. I can wipe your tears, you can dry my eyes; we’ll…

You and I

You were like recess during school day; Like summer vacation and park bench; Anyway, darling, this isn’t about you Who were always present at some point, It’s me, always alone in company.


“You know why we can’t be together?” She rolled her eyes to the left. “Why?” He muttered , giving out a tired sigh. “You know me for what I’m, you know what I do and how I do what I do, you are a harsh critic but most importantly you’re my best friend. And best…


I won’t tell you it’s gonna be okay; I can’t ask you to move on. All I can do is sit here, right here and share silence. What you have is what can’t be shared; the pain. I’ll let you suffer and that’s all I’ve got to offer.

The way it is.

You were the same old song With different lyrics; Ours was a different story With the same ending; Everything that comes together Has to fall apart. Anything that moves away Will know it’s place; In due time.


“I love you” “I love you more” “Okay then, bye.” And they lived happily ever after. Sometimes, love is merely an answer and separation, a solution.

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried


Leave my hand Wave at me Say goodbye and Smile with a wink Fly away, Spread your wings I’ll find my way And a new beginning My part ends here, you see Keep me alive In your memories Remember this, just let it be Don’t you fret Over what we are And what we could…


My level of friendship: You can tell me the same thing over and over again on different occasions and I’ll still listen like it’s the first time, everytime.


What is it that you hide? Show me All that pain behind your smile Ah! Those tears that escape Your eyes Tell me there’s a story Left behind Why do you shiver When you shake my hand? I hear silence When you speak A voice unheard Hiding from me Remember when I said I’ve seen…

You believe in God, I believe in people For you, it’s a miracle To me, life is strange You believe in destiny, I made you mine The day you left Was the day I wished God existed