"What can you do?" I asked "What I want to." She said "What are those that you can't?" I repeated "What you have to." She replied.


Is there an ocean in your eyes? Or is it the deep blue sky? 'cuz when I look into you, girl, I get lost in an endless night.


Perfume in her hair, Throwing hands mid air Dancing with flair, To hell with eyes that stare Diamond in the rough, that's rare She knows the world ain't fair Can't close her in a cage Oh! That girl forgot to age When you see her, behave! She's what godhood craves Do you see her grace?…

Her weary eyes Tell me tales, of Laughter and mourning The tears that dried Revealed, She was indeed, drowning Those lips That once donned a smile Hiding behind the wisps Now carry a frown She had no disguise Whatever was left behind Came back to her And she held on tight Queen was she Of…

Say it.

If I don't say anything, Does that make you happy? I stare into the night As you wipe your tears What were we thinking? I'm ready to confess When deafening silence reigns, Say something. I'll leave you be I'll wait and see Before I leave Tell me, Is my quiet your peace?

Where lies the beauty?

"I can be beautiful if I try." She said, shrugging her shoulders, as her eyes met the ground; I see her innocence flooding all over her embarrassed face. "You already are." I murmured as I faced denial. Not everybody is beautiful to everyone. The truth is, beauty doesn't lie in an individual; it's in perception…