Questions and beginning.

The skies have always been empty, we filled them with dreams; the clouds never rained, our eyes were moist. Balloons fly, birds fly; tell me, why can’t we try? The pages were distant lands, we migrated; of memories and pain, we sing. Did you know? All we have to do is think. It never took…

Tolerance – collaboration

You say you like pain, addicted even. Does tolerance come that easy? If it did, why are we even alive? You say you feel pain everyday, that it’s killing you; but what if I tell you that it’s pain that keeps you alive, pull you away from death, stops you at the brink? You say…


There are paths to happiness. They say happiness is in you, you have to look within. It’s often said that happiness is a journey, not a destination. You move through it, not reach. What do you notice? Where did sadness go?? Look closer, it has always been here. Suffering makes you realise what happiness feels…


Everything’s gonna be alright. What an illusion! A hope inspiring lie! But why? I walk the same road I was on twelve years ago, in shoes that bared my toes. The boots are now strong and the story is too long, unfit to be a song. My shoulders that were once free now carry the…


There’s something wrong in the metaphors and truth in ironies. We need one to make us happy, another to take it away.

I’m fine!

It rained flowers that evening, filling our lungs with fragrance. Roads covered in colours like dreamland. Trees looked like cotton candy and grass tickled my feet. Oh this was the path I’ve always dreamt of, somewhere new, a place filled with love and hope. I fucking despise flowers And I’m glad dreams don’t come true.

Of cakes and death.

I ate cake today. I tell my friend that. His face lightens up and lips part, revealing incisors. He’s happy or at least he pretends to be. He thinks I’m happy. I see no point. Someone I know had died. I was quiet just like I was when I ate the cake. I see frown…

Yes I see them. Those clouds floating away abandoning my skies, making way to sunlight. The rains have gone and the days shall now be long; air carries the season’s warmth. I miss the cold, that chill down my spine; I shed the skin that I once called mine. A strange feeling of comfort creeps…


Maybe the worst thing we can do to ourselves is to be unhappy and being content with it. There are a million things bothering me and another million to be happy about but when was it ever about numbers? We have our preferences, don’t we? That’s all that matters. I long for something I don’t…


In this garden I walk; where the birds sing, fragrant flowers blossom and gargantuan trees dance in perfect synchrony. And butterflies added to the symphony. The birds were crows and I hate crows that sing; Floral fragrances are suffocating. I then realise, to feel butterflies in my stomach, I don’t have to swallow them.

Love, o love. Love!

“And when you notice the serendipities when you’re in love….” she added and I was like “serendi what??” Okay why do you have to use fancy words when you’re in love? Doesn’t “I’m happy” suffice?? I’m not a native English speaker and my vocabulary is abysmal. So, I was talking to someone I know about…

Dream on.

My father had a dream, so did his. When you stop dreaming, it’s life that you’ll see. I dare you to dream, A dream with legitimacy. Now ‘wake up’ makes more sense to me because our generation is as hopeless as it can be.


I thought I had wings and dreamt of flight, only to realise they were hands. Could barely crawl, yet life had me running after people and things. Everything was quiet and it was too late before I found my voice. I searched for myself through the eyes of people and ways of the world; now…

Little things

There I was on the terrace last night, looking into the sky, staring at the moon. Well, that’s about it. I was just looking. It’s okay to do something that has no purpose; it just has to make you happy. Stop expecting meaningful shit all the time. Life itself lacks meaning. Enough said.


Do not be the moon Hiding parts of you In the dark; Don’t be the sun, Shining bright, I can never see you With a naked eye; Don’t be a star Fading with the night; Don’t be the clouds Changing shapes Always fleeting by; Just be here, Still and serene like The yellow skies.


I’m a broken glass, baby I’ve got cracks, Not glitter.


Your presence Was like a candle In my life That burned in broad daylight There’s no point anyway.


I looked at your picture this morning and said to myself: “If only she loved me like she loved herself” What an irony.


Happiness, you see Is like a wanderer It goes away, gets lost But wherever it is Eventually finds home.

Random Thoughts.

Can I just walk away and not come back? In a world where there’s no right or wrong, from a place where people laugh, singing a sad, sad song, where I’m unaware of myself but conscious of others; may I not ask, just leave? Don’t you think it’s too much to ask? To not look…

How’re you?

It’s like when you shout from the top of a mountain; You get your voice back in echoes and that’s it. You’re empty again. Nobody heard you and those who did didn’t care.

Her majesty.

“I want a watch like yours” she whined, swaying her hands. “What’s the use of having a watch when you can’t read the time?” I said. “It’s 11:30.” She muttered. “It’s the same time all day for you.” I burst out in laughter. “Okay 2:30. Now get me my watch.” And she walked away in…


Let’s take a walk in this mad, mad world; you better hold my hand ‘cuz it’s gonna get cold. Lavender winds caress your hair, the entirety envies your flair, girl, you’re a sight for my sore eyes and a beauty to behold. Let’s have a talk in this lonely, crowded shack. Would you like some…


In life’s monsoon, It’s the rain that persists; Not thunder. Not lightning.


Your feet on this path Your words in this moment And Your silence in the other Your ink on my paper Your song in my voice Your thoughts in my mind My dreams in your eyes It’s a wonderful Life.


Every cry a Melody Every sadness, a symphony Happiness, melancholy And smiles hide tragedies

The inevitable.

Suffering, you see, is inevitable. Some suffer for happiness And others, from it.


I hid an ocean in my eyes, Cyclone in my mind Fire in my words And wilderness in my heart

Walk with me?

To lands far away, I walk To heal my heart, I walk To make you smile I break my heart I move away I walk


You’re my drug You’re my therapy You’re the escape From my darkest side You’re my illness You’re the cure You’re my suffering And the happiness I hide