Yes I see them. Those clouds floating away abandoning my skies, making way to sunlight. The rains have gone and the days shall now be long; air carries the season’s warmth. I miss the cold, that chill down my spine; I shed the skin that I once called mine. A strange feeling of comfort creeps … Continue reading


Maybe the worst thing we can do to ourselves is to be unhappy and being content with it. There are a million things bothering me and another million to be happy about but when was it ever about numbers? We have our preferences, don’t we? That’s all that matters. I long for something I don’t … Continue reading Mundane.


In this garden I walk; where the birds sing, fragrant flowers blossom and gargantuan trees dance in perfect synchrony. And butterflies added to the symphony. The birds were crows and I hate crows that sing; Floral fragrances are suffocating. I then realise, to feel butterflies in my stomach, I don’t have to swallow them.

Little things

There I was on the terrace last night, looking into the sky, staring at the moon. Well, that’s about it. I was just looking. It’s okay to do something that has no purpose; it just has to make you happy. Stop expecting meaningful shit all the time. Life itself lacks meaning. Enough said.