Wishes and words

I wish I could write for a living. I wish I could write for the dead; I find no joy in giving Life to fears and the life we dread. We walk the line of faith along the banks of rivers and their convergence. There is no way up, I see no way down but…

Dark blues.

Echoing throughout these walls, I hear; in this emptiness I see, those long lost years, the newfound fears and abuse. We hold hands, we aren’t together, we say things but barely talk to each other. There’s no forgiveness surrounding us; there are no memories, only nightmares and tremors. All those nights blanketed by the stars,…


I’ve seen the sky change colours, world change seasons and people, their faces. If only I had known I wore one; I’ve heard that words lose meaning, life loses purpose and heart, hope. I travelled this far and long, my love, through the skies and masquerades To the end of purpose and edges of hope…

Please don’t mind me.

I could use a pet, Y’know, for petting purposes not because I’m lonely neither do I have other intentions. Ugh! I can feel the sun splattered all over my dried up face, like a thousand needles piercing through my skin. There are pains that you hate and there are ones that make you feel good….


“Because you love trouble” she said “You’d be nothing without them and your troubles are faithful to you. Even if you have the chance to choose peace, you always end up choosing trouble because it’s easier, more real, accessible. You’re used to it; no surprises, no relying on hope; And this shall pass until the…


I’ve dreamt for long Of wings, of sins, of air that fills and the voice that sings; for this heart of mine has mourned for long, of words that slipped, of tears spilt and life I’ve lived. Wake me up, stranger, tell me what I missed; if you hear regrets, put me back to sleep.


“When you’re in love, you’re born anew” they say, those romantics whose hearts wandered astray; but who knew? It’s suicide and then you come back to life and there’s repetition, until you die.


I should’ve been there. I know. It should’ve been my T shirt, not your pillow that soaks up your tears; should’ve been my ears not the walls that hear. The pavement that I sit on isn’t cozy, Y’know.. my face rests in my palms, I’m restless. The stillness of this moment has me perturbed. I…

Scars – collaboration

Tisha and I wanted to write on “scars” but I was clueless as ever. This is what I finally came up with: Underneath my skin are tissues and blood; they know your touch. My senses have recognised you long before you laid your hands on me; like on a quest for holy grail, you searched…


A flower blossomed from the cracks of her skin. Only to wither away before she could blink. Desolation echoed in her voice; life pale, it had endured pain. Eyes have dried. Emotions had died; of abandonment and famine. There are worms now, gnawing through her heart, burrowing into her soul. She had waned, darling, no…


‘Tis an unfair world, what do you know? Even broken hearts crave perfect melodies.


You ask me why I lay here all day, staring into nothingness ? ‘Cuz darling, when everything you believed in loses its meaning, your bleeding heart and shattered faith tell you that this is the closest you can get to dying before you go out and the cycle repeats. It’s a beginning and an ending…

Finding a way back.

The usual farmer’s market; people going around, buying vegetables, bargaining and chattering their mouths out. I see men staring at women, I see women exchanging glances. The sky was pale, clouds were scattered and feeble and the sun was about to set. I walked further past children crying for toys, parents covered their eyes, vendors…

A moment.

It’d have been forever, y’know….. This moment. If only you’d let me.

State of things.

I don’t care. I won’t bother to venture into the idea of why things came into existence. But I do care about what they’ve become. And I’m aggravated.


Broken crayons still colour. What about the burning ones? Are they still crayons? They’re melting away, lady. Fuck the shade, They’re out of shape.

Trivial shit.

*Me looking at my crush* Heart: go tell her! Tell her in this flora of life, you’re a passionate bee, she’s the brightest flower and hers is the sweetest nectar. Mind: don’t listen to him. What’re you trying to do? Fucking pollinate?? Heart: okay! Fine! Tell her your love for her is like the UV…


There’s no beauty in brokenness. Ever seen a broken glass Put together again? Ever seen a broken heart Love somebody the same? Change is inevitable, darling; Nothing stays like it was before; Whatever does is an illness, needing a cure.


I’m a broken glass, baby I’ve got cracks, Not glitter.


A light leaks Through the cracks Of my broken heart There’s blood spilled On the ground I got no scars I see a trail left behind Haven’t come far


Falling stars, ungranted wishes Empty words, broken promises All that love unrequited No guilt that’s confessed Scars hidden in plain sight Blood camouflaged Tears in the eyes Living our lives Dead inside

I’m okay.

I need no rainbow, but the colors You don’t have to follow, got my shadow Need no life, darling, Mine’s just fine Got a stone cold heart And tears to swallow


I’m drunk on your love. When I cry for you, My tears taste like whiskey.

Walk with me?

To lands far away, I walk To heal my heart, I walk To make you smile I break my heart I move away I walk

I see.

I see A voice behind your voice Words beneath your words Waiting to be heard Wanting to be freed

The cold closure.

There’s a knife through my back Reaching my bleeding heart Leaving behind a crimson trail There’s a sword through my mind Creeping up on my weeping soul Where your sweet laughter hails The scar on my arm Singing our story To the vagabond, numb and frail There’s a tear on your cheek Watching the world…

Just see

There’s this trap, you see When you fall, Can’t snap out of it, All those comforting words Do nothing but mislead Why do you look elsewhere When I wait for you right here? Why are you blown away By someone who was never there? When the sweetness wears off, my dear I’m scared you’ll be…


Ever wondered why I came back to you Everytime? To take back what’s mine Not love, not hope Not you, not us Not doubt, not remorse It lives in all the scars In my eyes, behind your smile When we’re up all night Feel it come again? Embrace it, love, the pain Might leave a…


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside