Forged by red, Molded by the sun, It was you who won me. Your words ignite the burn. In collaboration with Stephanie Roath

I am.

I am an ocean That touches no shore I'm the wind That hesitates to blow A fire, Without heat and the glow The kind of pain That comes after love


Ask these walls, they know your touch Look at these stairs, remember our steps? Those steamy hours of rush Tense moments of hush Clothes soaked in sweat I see you Gasping for breath There's wildfire inside of you Burning me from beneath Let me set my demons loose Consider it penance Inside you lies my…

You, me and the night.

Looking at the stars, we wonder How is this possible? This is a warm winter. Your hair flowing over my face The moon envies your grace My hand is in yours, I stare at you kissing my fingers The sky is our canvas, Stars are the dots, Connect them, my love, It is the map…