“The dead shall rise again” cawed he, resting on my shoulders; always preaching. “The roads to hell go through heaven, the path to heaven is of thorns and blood” His claws dug deeper, every time I looked away, the voice denser, the further we tread, “lift your head up and show your shame” My vices…

Necessary evil.

Your lips merged into mine like thorny vines, painted red with my blood; I squeeze you into me easing our souls at war. The friction between us set the house on fire as we lay in bed, colliding, burning in desire. My salty skin cherishes your fingernails digging in, rashes, paving way to paradise, tonight…


I don’t know, we have been told; What are you girl? An angel? A devil? One time you’re planting roses, Another you’re growing thorns; One day I watch you dancing, Another you walk alone. It’s strange when you think though; Thorns feel like heaven, Hell spawns from the rose.

If you’re afraid of going to hell You don’t deserve to die; If you’re longing for heaven, You don’t deserve to live.

I am.

I was in heaven, And dreamt of sins; I was in hell, And yearned for heaven; What I was wasn’t the question, What I have become wasn’t an answer. Tonight I kneel, Begging for forgiveness, Praying to myself.


It’s a whole new world, I feel; Maybe heaven is full of vices And in hell, the saints kneel.


If life with you is hell, I’d gladly be damned.

Sneaky you!

You sneaked into my life Unnoticed, like Moonlight through the window sill What have I done To deserve this, o girl Let me roll the blinders down I’m tired of your beauty, hell!

At the bottom of every bottle In the smoke exhaled Amongst the women I’ve been with And in drops of water, Everytime I bathed Out of the closed doors, Inside the world I roamed Behind every tear I wasted And emotions that had me drowned Every second I breathe, Every step I took I searched…