Food and hopes and shit

Mayonnaise drips from the bite and slides down my chin. Something is wrong but first lemme swallow this; I sniff the shawarma and it smells a little better than shit. “Did this chicken die last year? Why does it smell like a rotten carcass? And taste like one?” I never ate a rotten carcass before, … Continue reading Food and hopes and shit

Back to life.

The suppressed voice didn't dare lash out. The world was getting blurrier, adding to it, the double vision. Is the sky falling down? Why does it feel like the ground is about to cave in? There are people staring but nobody seemed to care. I couldn't feel my arms anymore; my legs gave up on … Continue reading Back to life.


Where's the pie, child? Tell me, don't hide your fingers C'mon, look me in the eye! What's that around your mouth? Something sweet, Is that cream? What's with that slouch? Ye shall be punished For your lies, now follow me I'll show you where more lies Tell me, child, Where's the pie?