One by one, they took the stones out from the wound; I got tears in my eyes but I laugh, joke around and make myself at ease. “Whatever gets stuck gives you an infection” they said, still working. I see flesh hanging on my knee, could hardly fold it right. No painkiller was given, they…

I’m foolish.

They keep telling me that I’m getting myself into shit, that I don’t know what can go wrong. Isn’t that what it’s all about though? I have to hurt myself to know pain, exposure builds immunity. I know I can be wrong, I know I can get hurt but damage is better than ignorance, don’t…

Wandering thoughts.

We see things happen that often make us laugh, like someone we know getting into trouble; “Oh he stepped on a banana peel and fell” Or “He stepped on shit” It’s not always stepping on something, falling, hurting ourselves, falling sick, sometimes even death is a laughed at. Why do we do that? Why do…


Plastered to the wall, the sunflower bent down; Light from the window, water from the pail couldn’t erase her frown. She had to see the sun; Dismembered roots lay lifeless on the ground. “Let there be life for one last time. Toss me away, in this state of decay; let me be soiled when he…

Listen up.

“Hang in there” they say. Little do they know that we’re hanging on to the edges of the wedges; we’re slowly losing our grip. That’s what we’ve been doing, bud. Thanks. “It’s all in your hands. You have to change your life, don’t be a lousy ass! You’re just blaming it on people and the…


I walk in the shadows, I dwell in the past Lurking in pain, the night is all I ask People are mirages, smoky, the path Voices are fleeting and aghast Hope starts to decay, ghosts come alive Guilt takes over, raining down the sky I walk further, I bear the pain For this life has…


Somewhere between hickeys and scars, You wandered off And I let you go.


I’m a broken glass, baby I’ve got cracks, Not glitter.

Wink wink.

You loved me, I loved you back; You hurt me, I tried to understand; I left you, you came back; Now I’ll hurt you, you’ll understand. (This is something that just came up and not directed towards anyone.)


Goodbyes never hurt; It’s the words that were hidden, Hopes lost, And voices that went unheard.


Her eyes rained tears; As her dreams bled to death.


I hurt you, because I didn’t want to I loved you, because I don’t have to I chased you, because I can’t stand you I lost you, because I always loved you


Beautiful but insecure Her love was so pure Touch her, you’re injured A cactus for sure Aren’t you?


Leave me be, my friend On the shore As I lay bleeding For, The ocean gives back What it takes.