I wanted my life to be a fable; so I had become the story teller. The world, my audience and I, a liar. I wished for them to be merry; so they have become my joke and I, their jester. I desired for nothing; but the world had become desirable and I, miserable.

I try to make a joke but often times I end up laughing at myself. Well at least what happens to me is funny even though I’m not. Joke’s on me, Eh?

It’s a joke.

The world is an arena.; society is a circus. Your time is money, your interest, an investment. Please be seated according the social classes mentioned on your tickets and buckle up. I’m gonna tell you a joke, it’s called life. Who am I? I’m the fucking comedian.

Wink wink.

You loved me, I loved you back; You hurt me, I tried to understand; I left you, you came back; Now I’ll hurt you, you’ll understand. (This is something that just came up and not directed towards anyone.)