This time.

Over the tear lean my lips pressing against your moist cheeks. I’ll take the salt in, ruffle your hair and pull back; it’ll leave you smiling. Maybe I’ll bump my forehead into yours, maybe I’ll play with your fingers, just maybe, I might hug you till you snore. Look at me, darling, look and me…

Stars. We’re stars.

We’re all stars lighting up someone’s sky. We’re all stars, fading away like glimpses of distant light. We’re all stars, only alive for the night.

Little things

There I was on the terrace last night, looking into the sky, staring at the moon. Well, that’s about it. I was just looking. It’s okay to do something that has no purpose; it just has to make you happy. Stop expecting meaningful shit all the time. Life itself lacks meaning. Enough said.


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside


Your voice is Music to my ears When I see you sing, I’m blind to my fears