The shattered skies of my mind bleed rainbows. I follow the ghastly cries of the voices lost; finding solace in melancholy, searching for a remedy to cure my malady. Masked by colours of the rain, the world covers its Grays, every face, a masquerade. I’m blind to the hues now, searching for shadows that once … Continue reading Dreamland.


I feel it. The stab in my back. A Dagger piercing through my skin; pain surges inward and I hear the voices dying. Drops of blood resemble liquefied rubies, oh so red! I walk barefoot; The stink and sin of fallen things haunt my feet. Disappearing faces, misleading noises, fallen roses and broken promises! What … Continue reading Stranded.


Truth when questioned enough becomes a lie; Lie that’s believed turns into the truth. Questions are answered yet No answers are questioned; Freedom is not fundamental, Rights aren’t right when used. I’ve lost belief in faith, There’s no faith in what I believe.