Life to me is a boat that’s leaking; It’s always been that way. You sail into the waters and float until you drown. The water is all you got, the water is what keeps you afloat and the water is what drowns you. Destination is not where you reach; it is where you stop.


I’m a bottle in the ocean,Drifting afarUntil I sink; I’m a message that’s lost,In translation, on a paper that’s washed. I’m a voiceThat’s trapped inside a conch shell;Quiet yet present. I’m a destination without a pathAnd path without a direction. You see me but you don’t;You can touch me but you can’t;I am but I’m … Continue reading I

Life in Hindi 😛

ज़िन्दगी एक जगह टिकी कहां रहती?खोए हुए रास्तों में खोई हुई मिलती है। This is what happens when Shreya triggers the philosopher in me. And Chandni! What would I do without you?? Thank you for typing it in Hindi for me. 🥺 Anushka said “add two more lines”, easier said than done, Y’know?? For those … Continue reading Life in Hindi 😛