I'm fire, baby. My sparks burn bright, My embers keep you warm, Give you light. Play with the flame, They burn you down, It's gonna be a long night.

Bodies of wax.

I caught fire as I hugged Your body of wax, melting Down steadfast I spread your light As the flame ate through My skin, and Reaching you, my final desire.


I think of you everytime My lips bleed My skin yearns for yours Desires, dying to be freed Every inch of my skin Carrying your scars Is a holy Grail made By your fingernails This neck craves for your bite My cave thirsts for your light The sweat reminds me Of our might The bed…

If I owned the sky, I'd name every star after you The moon is me, reflecting your light Because you are my sun You give me strength You give me life (Doubt me not, this is for you)


With every season that comes and goes Devoid of happiness and sorrows Under the bright sun or dark clouds There's either blinding light Or depressing shadows Familiar are all the roads, Nothing comes and goes But here you are, A raven among the crows A hope amidst helpless souls Enlightening is your call Take me…