A place to be

Look where we have arrived; this place shines bright at night. They’re swimming in tears, tripping on guilt, these ailing bipeds and dancing to music of breaking hearts. “To glory” they say, the hedonists who reign their own worlds, going down the spiral of caprice and sin. Avarice had plagued them since long but look…

Lost Hope

A spark of emptiness instigates fire in the forest. I feel the heat on my skin; there are voices, screaming and crying but nobody to be seen. I see footprints in the ashes and my trail, covered in flames. I move on. Following a highway on which I now walk naked, overexposed and shamed; Oh,…

Love, o love. Love!

“And when you notice the serendipities when you’re in love….” she added and I was like “serendi what??” Okay why do you have to use fancy words when you’re in love? Doesn’t “I’m happy” suffice?? I’m not a native English speaker and my vocabulary is abysmal. So, I was talking to someone I know about…

Stay with me.

Would you be my compatriot? We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall talk; turn our faces in disquiet. There’s music, there are drinks, there are people we shall meet; there are sorrows, there is pain, tiny moments of joy taking our breath away. I can wipe your tears, you can dry my eyes; we’ll…


You tell me I don’t see it But trust me when I tell you, I see light in everyone; each in their own wavelength. The world is brimming with brightness and hope, sometimes a little too much. You’re so blinded by the lights that you need a little darkness to dim your sight; to see…

The papers were white, embodying the light, reflecting minds; The thoughts were dark, like shadows lurking behind; Words were rainbow; in those colours hides our life.


If I slept yesterday, Wake me up today; If I don’t, put me to sleep tomorrow.

Stars. We’re stars.

We’re all stars lighting up someone’s sky. We’re all stars, fading away like glimpses of distant light. We’re all stars, only alive for the night.


The blood on my hand is now graffiti on the floor; the tattoos are red, skin stained with gore. There’s butterfly on my lips, sore eyes staring at the wrists. Limping across the hall, I cover the wounds with tape; the music sounds morbid as I watch out the window, clinging onto the wall. There…

Sinful heart

Through the crevices of my broken heart leaks a dim light, the fleeting moments of joy; A Crimson world manifested by my bleeding eyes.


I’m fire, baby. My sparks burn bright, My embers keep you warm, Give you light. Play with the flame, They burn you down, It’s gonna be a long night.

Bodies of wax.

I caught fire as I hugged Your body of wax, melting Down steadfast I spread your light As the flame ate through My skin, and Reaching you, my final desire.

Light and pain.

You say I’m in darkness And I need light? But my words Are my saviour And pain makes me write.


I think of you everytime My lips bleed My skin yearns for yours Desires, dying to be freed Every inch of my skin Carrying your scars Is a holy Grail made By your fingernails This neck craves for your bite My cave thirsts for your light The sweat reminds me Of our might The bed…


I’ll be the candle, Let me burn for you Share my light, Share my warmth Let me melt for you


Neither dark nor bright I’m that dying light Flickering Through the night