I should’ve been there. I know. It should’ve been my T shirt, not your pillow that soaks up your tears; should’ve been my ears not the walls that hear. The pavement that I sit on isn’t cozy, Y’know.. my face rests in my palms, I’m restless. The stillness of this moment has me perturbed. I…

1 AM thoughts.

I wish I could die; I wish I had the will To live But neither seem possible So I dream.

Stars. We’re stars.

We’re all stars lighting up someone’s sky. We’re all stars, fading away like glimpses of distant light. We’re all stars, only alive for the night.


Let’s take a walk in this mad, mad world; you better hold my hand ‘cuz it’s gonna get cold. Lavender winds caress your hair, the entirety envies your flair, girl, you’re a sight for my sore eyes and a beauty to behold. Let’s have a talk in this lonely, crowded shack. Would you like some…

All I wanna do is

To play with your hair To gaze at your flair To see you laugh And cry in pain To run into your arms and Be amazed at your charm To fight you till I die To live until I can’t To sleep on your shoulder When you’re giggling at my smolder To take what you…

Too young to stay away Too old to bear the pain Too blind to see things change Too dead to live again