I’ve learned That there’s serenity in places what lead to nowhere; in questions that have no answers and answers that demand no questions. Don’t mistake it for ignorance, you, it is not. For I am free; free to make my own path, to seek answers and live to be a story.


Those who dream of flying with their wings tied are either delusional or rebellious. But tell me this, o wise creature, Why do you call yourself lost when you don’t know where you belong?

Losing yourself.

Sometimes I look at the clouds and wonder, are they as lost as I am? My thoughts drift across the sky with the clouds up high. Then I realise even losing yourself comes at a price.

A way home.

Do you see the world upside down as you tread across the field of crystal thorns? The warm scarlet skies break down into crimson rain, bathing you, washing the sins from off your skin. Look at the black meadows you walk through; the wind carries a morbid perfume, think about the end, wanderer, while you…


What’s said shall be forgotten, What’s written shall fade; What’s heard is distorted, What’s known shall be wronged. When the pages go missing, when voices go unheard; there is noise and an abyss, you and I are lost.

Lost things.

It’s been so long. The drawer squeaks when it pull it out. That’s where your letters are, hidden away from the malice of this demented world. The innocence those words carry, the world these letters hide and a life that has been washed away in tears over the years render me motionless and numb. What…


I feel it. The stab in my back. A Dagger piercing through my skin; pain surges inward and I hear the voices dying. Drops of blood resemble liquefied rubies, oh so red! I walk barefoot; The stink and sin of fallen things haunt my feet. Disappearing faces, misleading noises, fallen roses and broken promises! What…

The walls have nothing to hide. They don’t have anything to show either. I can’t see my hands but I know I’m looking at them. It’s warm in here, unlike the coldness they often attribute it to. Sweat wets my clothes and I lay there motionless on the ground. What’s there to look for here?…

To my muse.

It saddens me.You were here looking at me, smiling; I open my eyes to darkness that surrounds me. The same darkness brings you back again when I close my eyes and I’m beguiled. Dreams are prisons and memories are torments; yet we surrender. Wilfully. The only answer I can give to any question that has…

It’s cold. The blanket doesn’t do its job, I shiver a bit but I’m okay. What time is it? What does it matter? The walls that surround me have stories of their own, they listen to people. It’s good that they don’t speak, imagine the horrors we’d face if they did. Silence is serene. So…


Oh! How they float, those aimless souls Those thick black clouds, steady and slow. Lost; too far yet so close.


Oh it was a nice evening, perfect for a stroll. There were trees on either sides, like cliched philosophical and metaphorical representations. That little girl is walking with a balloon, looking at the clouds slowly scattering away, smiling. She was smiling, okay? Not the clouds. Not the clouds. Did I tell you that the balloon…

Hidden love.

At my desk on the edge of twilight, I searched for words to write for you. Something resplendent like they were forged in dying stars, warping our realities, those words. Where have they gone? Nevertheless, I grasp a few, piece them together for you; my thoughts, my love and my time, my love. Under the…

Your thoughts.

You are what you think you are, you’re not what you think you are and what you don’t think you are is also you. You are everywhere, there’s nowhere without you because wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Are you free? No. Are you bound? No. You’re freely bound and restrictively free. The…


That sad moment when you know That You helped her find herself At the cost of losing yourself.

Resting in pieces.

Sleepless nights never bothered me Neither did wraiths It’s you, babe, The graveyard of our love And the nightmares.


I’m on a journey, I took a path, Everything is great And I know I’m going nowhere.


Happiness, you see Is like a wanderer It goes away, gets lost But wherever it is Eventually finds home.

Random Thoughts.

Can I just walk away and not come back? In a world where there’s no right or wrong, from a place where people laugh, singing a sad, sad song, where I’m unaware of myself but conscious of others; may I not ask, just leave? Don’t you think it’s too much to ask? To not look…


Goodbyes never hurt; It’s the words that were hidden, Hopes lost, And voices that went unheard.

Lost and found.

In collaboration with the she-wolf, Stephanie. Where was your hand, When I fell to the ground? At night, searching lonely.. Your shadow nowhere to be found. When I screamed your name running, Your voice made no sound. Not in your arms, I’m homeless. But somehow, I’ve been found.


You’re to me, Like dreams are to sleep Sometimes a nightmare, Sometimes, sweet Forever in my mind’s eye Lost when I lose the sleep (Come, let’s count sheep)


I hurt you, because I didn’t want to I loved you, because I don’t have to I chased you, because I can’t stand you I lost you, because I always loved you


I’m drunk on your love. When I cry for you, My tears taste like whiskey.


The world is huge, That’s what they say Do you think it’s true? Because wherever I go, I stumble upon you I wandered around Without a clue, A homeless man Who do I look up to? Fell from Grace, misbehaved, Ran for a lifetime, but I am sure Changed my world, Made my way, home,…

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried

I let my guard down I gave you my crown You ruled my kingdom and Dragged me to the ground