Lost things.

It’s been so long. The drawer squeaks when it pull it out. That’s where your letters are, hidden away from the malice of this demented world. The innocence those words carry, the world these letters hide and a life that has been washed away in tears over the years render me motionless and numb. My … Continue reading Lost things.

To my muse.

It saddens me.You were here looking at me, smiling; I open my eyes to darkness that surrounds me. The same darkness brings you back again when I close my eyes and I’m beguiled. Dreams are prisons and memories are torments; yet we surrender. Wilfully. The only answer I can give to any question that has … Continue reading To my muse.


In this garden I walk; where the birds sing, fragrant flowers blossom and gargantuan trees dance in perfect synchrony. And butterflies added to the symphony. The birds were crows and I hate crows that sing; Floral fragrances are suffocating. I then realise, to feel butterflies in my stomach, I don’t have to swallow them.

Life in Hindi 😛

ज़िन्दगी एक जगह टिकी कहां रहती?खोए हुए रास्तों में खोई हुई मिलती है। This is what happens when Shreya triggers the philosopher in me. And Chandni! What would I do without you?? Thank you for typing it in Hindi for me. 🥺 Anushka said “add two more lines”, easier said than done, Y’know?? For those … Continue reading Life in Hindi 😛