Together now

I have lived, I have loved; I have lived enough to know how fickle it is, that love. Like petals, I plucked those memories from the flowers of my past relationships. And days breeze past like leaves in autumn from the tree of life. There are puddles on the way and I leave no footprints;…

Voids and feelings

I peel the skin little by little, inch by inch until it hurts, until it bleeds. I rub the blood on the wall, throw the bits on the floor and stare at whatever. I’m lost. I hear voices from the voids within me. The scars of time make morbid melodies. A warmth consumes me from…


It feels like the times of yore,We await a ship that takes us home, May it take, just a little more;The breeze is strong, skies are sore; oceans kiss… Titanic Anushka and her magic.

Heartland musings

There’s magic in the air. Fragrance mists from the teacup surround me as I slip into day dreaming delicacy. I’m dapper as ever, dressed in fears and fantasies; I have friends when I look back and see. Sip by sip, I gulp down my hopes; I open my eyes and it’s a slippery slope. I…


I’d pour all my hopes into a jar and store them in the attic, if you promise you’ll come back, tell me you’d stay. I put myself to sleep drinking a glass of water and dreams but tonight, it’s just emptiness and me. The door is half open, windows are half shut and I rummage…


I’m in the orbit, you be my sun; I’ll be your man, you be my earth. Pull me close, pull me down; Make me go round and round.. Your presence, my gravity.

So is life.

My heart is a crystal ball with an ecosystem inside. It expands in summers, contracts duringthe winters and celebrates a good rain. The sun shines through the woods of faith, waters of love flow around, like blood in veins. smell the soil and air, there’s life everywhere. Emotions and feelings live and breathe; eat and…


I looked for you along the borders of my mother’s embroidered saree, under the shade of mango trees in scorching summers and amidst the books I found a world in; I called for you in the rain as I ran toward my house; wondered where you went when she was in my arms and I…

Begin again. – collaboration

I’ve felt moments embody eternities, posing to be forever. I’ve had forevers, fast and fickle. There were times when The slightest of touch echoed deep within. There were touches that stopped time and then there were lives that ended, Only to begin again. In collaboration with Anushka.

Rhyme for today

In the red house lives the red lady; she dances by herself in her red gown, the husband is out of town. In the blue house lives the short lady; juggling routines, chasing life. She’s got the blues. The other house isn’t green, concealed amidst the trees; There are flowers and bees but the lady,…


When her majesty collaborates. I walk a spiral. Sometimes up, sometimes down but most of the time, I’m unaware and numb. At least I’m moving. I see nothing but the spiral that I … Distance

Routine – collaboration

I reminisce the same old memories, cry for the same reason, laugh at the same joke and write the same thing over and over again. Life itself is repetitive, what’s there in routine? There is a rhythm in chaos. I sway to the beats of psychedelic laughter; memories sneak out of my eyes and roll…


I’ve seen the sky change colours, world change seasons and people, their faces. If only I had known I wore one; I’ve heard that words lose meaning, life loses purpose and heart, hope. I travelled this far and long, my love, through the skies and masquerades To the end of purpose and edges of hope…


In between your arms lies my kingdom; you, my queen and your body, the promised land. Our feelings are the catalyst and our love, a crusade. We are now at war.


It went up and down; the road to me, appeared like a wave. I see people go about and I watch, like a tombstone at a grave. Sometimes I wish there was an epitaph engraved, on my forehead so people can read; what I was and what I could never be. The wind strokes my…


If I had money, I’d name a star after you. It’s relatively cheap, I know. I’d do it. If I had the money. I’m a poor lad, you see. Now I name every fucking star yours. I am crazy not dumb. Rich men name the stars but poor men own the skies. Fuck yeah.


I swallowed stars to water my dreams, I shrunk the skies & fit them in my eyes with hopes buried underneath. Grass and trees grow on my fertile skin and the sun burns within (me). I inhale and exhale storm winds; the climate, sometimes calm, sometimes pouring. Thoughts run wild and free, clouds are fleeting;…

Lush green

I got a basket full of sunshineAnd a bottle full of windI hid warmth in my palmsAnd winters in my heartI wait for you in the gardenOf fairies and hopeI have a heart full of wishesAnd a mellow soulIf you want meFind meWalking down the slope

It’s nothing.

I’ve got nothing. The editor is open right in front of my eyes and I stare at the screen, eyes tired and leaky or maybe it’s just the existential dread making it’s way out. Love is in the air, sex is everywhere and both are overrated. There’s no point in writing about them. Maybe I…


They say every girl is unique in her own way; they also say girls are all the same. I say why not both?? No two girls are the same, until they become your girlfriend. Ps. Don’t start ranting about men, por favor. (Also: like I give a shit)


She turned towards her best friend who was in dire need of someone to help her out of the rut she’s in and said “why don’t you seek Prem’s help? He still loves you.” “I humiliated him, rejected him multiple times, made a fuss out of nothing, slapped him and kicked him out of my…

Broken things – collaboration

She had a thing for everything broken. Believed broken things had better stories to tell and treasured them all. Bits and pieces of broken bangles, Cute little charms from a broken bracelet, Her grandpa’s broken vintage radio, Her father’s broken watch and as she grew up, Broken hearts! Time has passed and broken hearts left…

A thought.

I don’t know if eyes can talk, I don’t care about words and their meaning but if you walk with me in silence, you’ll understand what I’m saying. The road is long, as is time; days are short and so is life.

Shamble – collaboration

It’s real, it’s right yet unusual . Do I say it? Or just watch us moving apart? The dream that I want to chase, I let it pass me by, within the blink of an eye. Who decides fate? Sometimes it’s best to let things be, hoping to escape misery. But sometimes I wonder; What…

If I were a book written in a language that you don’t know and you bought it without noticing, would you learn the language or throw me away??


“When you’re in love, you’re born anew” they say, those romantics whose hearts wandered astray; but who knew? It’s suicide and then you come back to life and there’s repetition, until you die.

Somewhere in the middle.

I don’t know if goodbyes lead to new hellos but I do know that every hello might be a fucking goodbye. When doubts are certain, how certain are we with our maybes??

Uhh..that’s it.

I wish I could make you my world, believe your existence gives meaning to existence itself but for what? As foolish as it sounds, this search for meaning and purpose of existence are fickle and minuscule compared to the grandeur of life we miss out on, blinded by dreams and ambitions fabricated by a social…


Of course we’re all stars. We’re close from afar but there’s distance as you move closer; there’s heat radiating from all the emotional fusion and fission and we know we’ll break one day or another; imploding, creating a black hole. Everything falls apart. No light shall escape.


I should’ve been there. I know. It should’ve been my T shirt, not your pillow that soaks up your tears; should’ve been my ears not the walls that hear. The pavement that I sit on isn’t cozy, Y’know.. my face rests in my palms, I’m restless. The stillness of this moment has me perturbed. I…