I know now, what I am; what I can be. I’ve embraced the asshole within me, come to terms with him and know this, my love, that I love you. When I’m with you, I feel no pain; when I’m with you, it feels like life isn’t vain. I forget my suffering when I tend…

Good night.

Close your eyes, open them to heaven Don’t wake up, until I send my raven Slip into slumber There’s no pain worthy enough To remember All those owls sing for you Winds are chorus, Your blanket, the great sky, blue While these stone walls guard you Fear not, of the werewolves Under the blood moon…


Put me to sleep, and I Cross my heart, hope to die This will be the Final lullaby

Rest in my eyes Bathe in my tears Sleep tight, baby Forget all your fears Let my cries Be your lullabies For you are the pain That I hold dear