I walked with my eyes closed to know how far I’d go without bumping into whatever came my way. I could smell the rain, it’s about to take the leap of faith but the clouds looked too adamant, I saw them before I closed my eyes. The first step was cautious, second a little loose;…


I believe in magic. I never noticed my shoes were torn unless someone pointed out. It’s amazing how well black shoes went with white uniforms on drill days; until I was separated from the crowd. “If you want to make something invisible, stop looking at it” I’d say to myself. Magic is an illusion. Illusion…


I don’t know, we have been told; What are you girl? An angel? A devil? One time you’re planting roses, Another you’re growing thorns; One day I watch you dancing, Another you walk alone. It’s strange when you think though; Thorns feel like heaven, Hell spawns from the rose.

Thin air. 🐛

She’s black magic, She’s blue flame; She’s the scary darkness, the wind whispering your name.


I love the way you turn My silence into words; I love it more when My tears find their worth. The words now have A meaning, The shallow heart started To love this feeling; The smiles seem to have Found their reason, The bird of my soul Sings regardless of season. Oh, How you make…