Yeah you.

You knew when to love me; You knew when to leave; You just didn’t know how. I know now.

Ask yourself.

What good are dreams when they don’t feel alive? What good is life when it’s devoid of dreams? What good is the world when it doesn’t give what you need? What good are you when you can’t find what you seek?


My level of friendship: You can tell me the same thing over and over again on different occasions and I’ll still listen like it’s the first time, everytime.


I love you so much that When I see your pretty hair I wanna mess it up And run away 🐛

Home has never been home Without Your arm in my arm

Senseless! :/

If I tell you I’m a liar Does that make it a lie? If you lie about lying Does it become the truth?


What good is the eye When the mind is blind What are words for When everything is a lie What are good intentions worth When all we do is hurt What good are we When we can’t even survive a fight What good is your God When prayers go unheard What good am I When…

I see you walk

The sand sneaks in between My toes, trying to stop me The castle awaits my return Winds sing me a Melody Waves go back and forth Asking me to stay, Watch the sun sink For what it’s worth Far across the beach, I see you walk Like a mirage that you are Now I realize,…

I just might

I might dance To your tunes But not your Whims


If I believed in God, You’d be the prayer that has been answered If there was fate, You’d be my destiny If there was luck, You’d be my possibility If I had a heart You’d be my love If I had to choose It’d always be you

I hear the birds sing From the flora that surround Me, On this grass, I lay Seeing the clouds overpower The sun A gentle breeze caresses my scars Mystifying This already perturbed soul I see bugs🐛 Crawling around How can time go this slow? Then falls a dew Sliding over from leaves, Then I realize…


I hide myself behind my feelings You hide behind my words Feelings hide behind fear I see you Things get worse

If I owned the sky, I’d name every star after you The moon is me, reflecting your light Because you are my sun You give me strength You give me life (Doubt me not, this is for you)

She had magic in her smile I could see it from miles away She had magic in her voice Heard it in my dreams, when I’m awake When she’s with me, There are miracles Everywhere


I’m a creep Take your happiness away, Make you weep I am fire Burn your dreams Scar you deep I’m a wolf Hiding in plain sight Hunt the sheep Lie to your heart, baby Come to me Chained by my promises, You’ll believe that you’re free Look into my eyes Stare into my soul Tell…

Without you

Days flew by, light absent Sleep, I never could, Lonliness, persistent Inhaled and exhaled, Never truly alive Eyes looked at things, Failing to actually see I heard voices but rarely listened Ate and drank Sang and danced All alone, Never satisfied So many books, thrown half read The clothes don’t fit Shoes don’t match I…


You know what’s worse? Knowing you’re the bad guy but not knowing what makes you bad. People keep telling you how lucky they’re to have you, how good you are and in the end, they leave. Why? Because it’s you. A moment’s reluctance of theirs is a lifetime of misery for you.

Take me to the shores, As I clutch at your shoulder On the great black horse Chasing the sun, Racing with winds, Through the grass and boulders At the far end, you see? That’s where the ends meet Blue skies turn red, when we reminisce Red turns black and we mourn the past Seasons come,…

Just to remind you

When sorrow rains down your eyes, Let me be your well Tired of losing? I’m yours, now you win. Watch me burn In your anger, again and again I’ll carry all your hate To hell with the blame Leave my hand, walk away When you return, I shall be the same Don’t you bother About…

When I can’t write anything.

Though I have a million words to describe you, The pen refuses to move and when it does, the ink it bleeds is never enough. When the paper soaks up my thoughts, it never seems perfect. Perfect doesn’t seem to be perfect anymore, it has to be you. Everytime your picture crosses my mind, emotions…

Life right now.

When things are the same, we crave for change. When everything changes, we miss the routine. Life, being itself.

Open up!

Naked and shivering, I stand at your door Knocking and calling I drop to the floor Look at the snow, Lady, Please know It’s cold outside Hear my heart cry And lead me to the fire Chills go up and down my spine Legs go numb, mind goes wild Lady, please know It’s cold outside…

Neither are you scary Nor is what we share What I dread is the person you imagine me to be Stranded between hope and despair It’s hard being the one people imagine me to be, I’m not it. I can never be. I’m just me.


The skies have never been clearer Stars, even brighter I have the time of my life, Lost in your eyes and laughter As the waves cleanse our feet I realise this is heaven, serene There stands behind us A sand castle, Teeny yet robust Watching your hair Flowing with the wind The night lost it’s…


An aimless soul A melancholic ghoul A game played foul Beware of the howl Always on the prowl When there’s darkness around, Don’t make a sound Hiding underground, Nowhere to be found Too scary to be true Darker than shadows, Morbid and cruel Wandering without a clue In your mind, It flew, About time you…


With every season that comes and goes Devoid of happiness and sorrows Under the bright sun or dark clouds There’s either blinding light Or depressing shadows Familiar are all the roads, Nothing comes and goes But here you are, A raven among the crows A hope amidst helpless souls Enlightening is your call Take me…


How’re you? They ask. I’m okay. I answer Little do they know, I’m broken beyond repair and fixed beyond recognition.

When I cook

Everything was ready. I minced onion with tears in my eyes, the oil is already in the frying pan and potatoes in the bowl are elegantly cut into little pieces. “I can do this.” I said to myself. There went mustard, cumin, redgram and turmeric along with onions into the oil. A few seconds later…