A chance.

Why do you love, you ask? Why does anything exist at all? There are things beyond reason, answers that dare not be questioned, and quests that can never end; Something as pointless as existence and unexplainable as the cosmos. Some may call it an illusion, you might even be delusional to call it An essence … Continue reading A chance.


Oh! Those insects around the streetlight, ever so busy. The buzzing sound of bugs and annoying songs of crickets turned up the night orchestra. Sky seemed to be in peace, neither clouds nor stars. Moon hid behind me and there I was, staring at the streetlight. There’s something that separates us from other species, it’s … Continue reading …..

Little things

There I was on the terrace last night, looking into the sky, staring at the moon. Well, that’s about it. I was just looking. It’s okay to do something that has no purpose; it just has to make you happy. Stop expecting meaningful shit all the time. Life itself lacks meaning. Enough said.