Routine – collaboration

I reminisce the same old memories, cry for the same reason, laugh at the same joke and write the same thing over and over again. Life itself is repetitive, what’s there in routine? There is a rhythm in chaos. I sway to the beats of psychedelic laughter; memories sneak out of my eyes and roll…

Scars – collaboration

Tisha and I wanted to write on “scars” but I was clueless as ever. This is what I finally came up with: Underneath my skin are tissues and blood; they know your touch. My senses have recognised you long before you laid your hands on me; like on a quest for holy grail, you searched…


I believe in magic. I never noticed my shoes were torn unless someone pointed out. It’s amazing how well black shoes went with white uniforms on drill days; until I was separated from the crowd. “If you want to make something invisible, stop looking at it” I’d say to myself. Magic is an illusion. Illusion…

A star above.

I sit by the window and look at the night sky; a million stars are scattered across but I knew it is true; the one that shone bright, yeah, that’s you. Up there beyond my reach, tell me, how is the sky treating you? Would you listen to me? Can I shed a tear or…

Letting go

From the rightmost corner of the bottom on the edge, emerged the pungent grey smoke. A pale blue flame engulfs the photograph. There’s oxygen in the air, disgust on my mind and pain in this life. It burns. Like the photograph. I set my cigarette on fire. It burns through my lungs as I take…

Hellos and byes – collab post.

“Your forgot to turn the lights off,” you’d scream, making it a big deal. But checking it twice, isn’t a big deal either. So, I made sure all the switches are off, grabbed my keys and locked the door. I played your favourite song in the car. I love it but I won’t admit it….


He sipped tea from the disposable paper cup, under a tree, enjoying the drizzle and petrichor. She stirred the mocha, her eyes, aimless. He put on weight; the tee shirt has gotten a little tight and life, hopeless as ever. She burst out laughing as her friends approached her, teasing her about the boy who…

Killing time.

Here you go, sister. This is what I did when I was in class ever since I was a child. My notebooks were full of sketches instead of notes and homework. Even back in college, sitting in the last bench, lost in my own world, sketching whatever comes to my mind. I still sketch when…

I am a fickle soul; I have altered destinations, steered courses of futile voyages and wandered into places unwelcome. I saw people with arms wide open, pushed away as the scars deepened; discovering I was just another human. People changed faces, faces changed places and I lost myself in a quest to fill the voids….

Worthless anyway.

I won’t see you; Even if I did, I won’t acknowledge your existence. If I did by chance acknowledge, I won’t give a fuck; If I started giving a fuck, You’d be long gone.


Your presence Was like a candle In my life That burned in broad daylight There’s no point anyway.

What have you done?

We could always have been the should have beens. But now, we’re might’ve beens. Kudos to us, thanks to you. If you don’t mind, can you Move out of my way?


I looked at your picture this morning and said to myself: “If only she loved me like she loved herself” What an irony.

Resting in pieces.

Sleepless nights never bothered me Neither did wraiths It’s you, babe, The graveyard of our love And the nightmares.

Back to life.

The suppressed voice didn’t dare lash out. The world was getting blurrier, adding to it, the double vision. Is the sky falling down? Why does it feel like the ground is about to cave in? There are people staring but nobody seemed to care. I couldn’t feel my arms anymore; my legs gave up on…

Is that you?

I still see you On the swing, laughing hard Moving slow When I look out the window; Could it be untrue? I notice the leaves that fall, Trees covered in snow, The older I grow; This wrinkly skin knows Your touch was that of God, Healing my soul, In the hot summer strolls.


Down the road, up the hill, Chasing ghosts from memories Reaching out To those tangible melodies Your footprints are in the sand I Fill my feet in from behind Walking the path, being washed away By the waves that came from nowhere There’s a voice calling me, “This way leads you into the deep; Wake…


This man had a golden ring That guy could dance and sing The pale man held you by your hip The fat guy gestured me to sit Sometimes I waited in that car Other days, I’d just stand afar Won’t dare imagine where you were When you come back crying, hiding a scar Took the…

Where are you?

You have a name, I dare not write You have a story, life, an endless night We have memories, can’t help but recall Ours is an ending I remember, Everytime I fall Like stones on a mountain, your dreams are scattered The wind blows past my ears, like all our unholy vows uttered My hands…


Life is a book, you say? You turn the pages Searching for the perfect end I do the same Hoping to begin again

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried


Sometimes I talk to the stars They listen, y’know Sometimes I listen to the wind It sings, soft and slow Sometimes I look into the water And hear it say, “you’re in for a show” Sometimes I sit by the fire As it warms my soul Sometimes I lose myself Searching for you

We’re on the same page, yes We might be in the same book But my lines are love Yours are regrets


Pain, my dear And nothing else Keeps me sane ‘cuz when I looked up To the skies for sun, All I got was rain

Oh my!

He stood in the end Of the lane, at the bend A group of four “I don’t see them” I’d pretend Please don’t say my name Don’t yell at me I’m ashamed Why me? Is it only ‘cuz I’m weak? It’s been more than I can take this week Everytime you pass by A part…


“You have stubborn eyes” he said What do you mean?? “They refuse to shed tears, your reasons aren’t reason enough.” What? Why? “Your tears, they need more pain.”


How does it feel When you break free from Those chains? What is it like When all your efforts go In vain? Is there pain When you carry all that blame? Tell me, brother, I heard you say “It’s all the same” Is your soul now A relic of your past? Do you feel your…


Leave me be, my friend On the shore As I lay bleeding For, The ocean gives back What it takes.

In your memory

Leave me in this abyss Floating around, Eroding Surrounded by darkness Away from sanity I lose the ground Drifting for eternity, Devoid of light and sound Ghastly whispers Voices that mourn Lonely spirits weep as Everything is undone Faceless, they roam In this carnival of souls, I watch them fade away Dreading my turn In…

Letting go

Holding my breath, I gaze upon the ocean That lies beneath The mountain of guilt I stand on Brave enough to dive, Scared enough to live, Reminiscing the days gone. As tears flood my eyes; Tired of my disguise, now I know, It’s about time. Looking at the twilight, Almost dead inside I try with…