Scars – collaboration

Tisha and I wanted to write on “scars” but I was clueless as ever. This is what I finally came up with: Underneath my skin are tissues and blood; they know your touch. My senses have recognised you long before you laid your hands on me; like on a quest for holy grail, you searched … Continue reading Scars – collaboration


I believe in magic. I never noticed my shoes were torn unless someone pointed out at school. It’s amazing how well black shoes went with white uniforms on drill days; until I was separated from the crowd. “If you want to make something invisible, stop looking at it” I’d say to myself. Magic is an … Continue reading Diversion.

I am a fickle soul; I have altered destinations, steered courses of futile voyages and wandered into places unwelcome. I saw people with arms wide open, pushed away as the scars deepened; discovering I was just another human. People changed faces, faces changed places and I lost myself in a quest to fill the voids. … Continue reading

Burnt papers, Fallen leaves And a heart that grieves; Scars that healed, Tears concealed, Love, the lust and greed; Broken promises Stolen kisses Wasted ink, Everything that disappeared in a blink Blood and scars, Sun and the stars Whisper tales of us Memories, victim to rust.