You belong here. A home for nobody,An unwelcome melody,Life, death and parody;I am that very fear.

Giving in

When you’re bound for long enough, bondage becomes the essence and chains become body. The pain that runs within cannot be seen without. It has become your salvation. Every cry is a prayer; every tear, a regret justified. No angels to lift you up; they’re dead too. You better get used to ‘never’, this is…

Please don’t mind me.

I could use a pet, Y’know, for petting purposes not because I’m lonely neither do I have other intentions. Ugh! I can feel the sun splattered all over my dried up face, like a thousand needles piercing through my skin. There are pains that you hate and there are ones that make you feel good….


When I think of how much I think, I don’t think I think at all but when I think of not thinking, I realise I was thinking after all.


You speak of beauty in imperfections, say the moon has got spots on him; those are craters, nimwit, dents that don’t receive sunlight. I look at the depth hiding in darkness, you search for vandalised surface. Beauty lies not in imperfections but perceptions. The more damage we take, the more depth we have; flaunt your…


Sometimes we fall, sometimes we land; The leap is inevitable. Fool your mind, tell it you’ll fly. Isn’t that what hope is?

A chance.

Why do you love, you ask? Why does anything exist at all? There are things beyond reason, answers that dare not be questioned, and quests that can never end; Something as pointless as existence and unexplainable as the cosmos. Some may call it an illusion, you might even be delusional to call it An essence…

Blind fish.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so I heard. I flung the fishing rod into the air, hoping to catch some. Every time I whipped, the hook came back with nothing. Is it the bait? I switch it and try my luck again but everything goes in vain. I’m a poet, you see, It…

State of things.

I don’t care. I won’t bother to venture into the idea of why things came into existence. But I do care about what they’ve become. And I’m aggravated.


Woman after woman barged in and walked away; They had taught me one thing; that love is fleeting, conditional and devious. I thought I was seeking happiness and fulfilment but now I know, it was suffering that lured me, something that stayed in the shadows, always covered by sugarcoated lies called joy and completeness. It’s…

Your thoughts.

You are what you think you are, you’re not what you think you are and what you don’t think you are is also you. You are everywhere, there’s nowhere without you because wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Are you free? No. Are you bound? No. You’re freely bound and restrictively free. The…

Freedom is death When you’re in love with the cage; Happiness mourns you When you long for nothing but pain.

Trivial shit.

*Me looking at my crush* Heart: go tell her! Tell her in this flora of life, you’re a passionate bee, she’s the brightest flower and hers is the sweetest nectar. Mind: don’t listen to him. What’re you trying to do? Fucking pollinate?? Heart: okay! Fine! Tell her your love for her is like the UV…


There’s no beauty in brokenness. Ever seen a broken glass Put together again? Ever seen a broken heart Love somebody the same? Change is inevitable, darling; Nothing stays like it was before; Whatever does is an illness, needing a cure.


Hey Dear Poet, Before it turns sour; For one last time Fuck that metaphor!


If I had a heart, I’d lose it to you; If I had a soul, I know who it’d choose; If I had feelings gushing through, I’d call it love But I wouldn’t know what to do. ‘Coz darling I’m a fallen feather; Fleeting around, never settling down.

Déjà vu

I swam to the shore In vain; The waves pulled me back I wasn’t alone.

I see.

I see A voice behind your voice Words beneath your words Waiting to be heard Wanting to be freed


Inside of me Hides an ocean Hardly fierce Seldom serene

Wrong time

Something written In the wrong time Read it, brethren, It has no rhyme The song of silly crimes Written as the bell chimed A mouse ran from the inside Of the house, escaping the cat’s glide The mad dog howling Since the middle of the night A shadow crept in, Avoiding the light It stayed…

A place

There’s this place I know Beyond feelings and emotions Between tears and smiles Sealed inside the heart Sprawling into the mind That’s where I hide, My friend, In my words that keep me alive Long after I die


What good is the eye When the mind is blind What are words for When everything is a lie What are good intentions worth When all we do is hurt What good are we When we can’t even survive a fight What good is your God When prayers go unheard What good am I When…

Mornings like these.

My head aches from all that vodka induced whirry sensation yet my heart desires more. Enough is enough says my mind but something inside me says, “Go on.” I hear people talking to me, I know I’m responding but what the hell am I even saying? One thing’s for sure, secrets are being revealed, ‘cuz…