I don’t know, sometimes it’s like I’m holding a ladder upright, really tight with nothing to lean on; dreaming of climbing my way into the skies. I might fall on my face but at least I’d own it.

Here I come.

Icy winds eat through my skin I fly above, on my beaten wings Dabbed in snow are my footprints Along the trail, following the winds Changing directions, hear me howling Running with the wolves, I am A wildling Against the tide I try and swim, Always hustling, I walk this road, kicking the ruckus There’s…


When we realize And don’t act We are alive But dead, infact.

Spent my life complaining About darkness and cold It’s all mine, the blame And conscience that I lack When I shut the windows Locked the doors And painted them black

Your only mistake dear Was wanting me When you weren’t sure Of what you wanted