Good morning.

My eye is on fire; there’s soap in it. I run into the wall trying to get that bristle stuck in between my teeth. I should change my brush. My toe hurts, I hit it against the bucket. What a morning, eh!? The door hits my knee as I open it and I slip while … Continue reading Good morning.

Good morning.

Oh fuck! I’m gonna be late; I hate being late. Threw the blanket aside, sprang from my bed and ran into the bathroom to grab my brush. Brushing is such a chore! All that spit and rinse and gargle... ugh! Somebody switch the water heater on! I’m fucking late! Why didn’t anybody wake me up?! … Continue reading Good morning.

Note to self

The deeper we look, the shallower we are. No matter how perfect people are, there's always a flaw lurking deep within.Everyone is guilty of something, nobody is free from the consequences. Flaws make us what we are. Let's embrace our flaws. Before we forgive people, let's learn to forgive ourselves.


When an individual believes in something, it's faith. When a group believes in the same thing, it's a cult. When a cult infects the masses, it's religion. You choose what you believe in, You choose your religion. It doesn't always have to be God.