Wink wink.

You loved me, I loved you back; You hurt me, I tried to understand; I left you, you came back; Now I’ll hurt you, you’ll understand. (This is something that just came up and not directed towards anyone.)


Two wrinkled figures face each other in a coffee shop right beside the sidewalk. A mini chessboard with tiny pawns scattered on either sides lay on the table. “My father amassed a fortune when he returned from the war. While it had its own traumatic effects, war made him realise how important family is to…

Moving on

You know you moved on when you love the memories but not the person; You know you’re broken when you hate the memories but love the person. It’s a hard road either way. When people tell you time heals everything, don’t believe them, it’s a lie. You move on with time? No. Time moves on,…

Four lines for you

Once a letter, Now just a paper stained by ink; Caught on fire, Turning to ashes as I blink.