Uh….. I’m just sayin’

The other day I was watching some soap on tv with mom and everybody seems to be flashing guns like they’re toys, giving out open threats and contracts to killers. Women fight over men and prestige. Protagonists and antagonists are both women. What sort of deranged sense of women empowerment is this?? That aside, Indian…

Do you hear me?

I sat on that old rock and spoke to the moon; There were stories to tell, ballads to sing, he was there, quietly listening. The choppy fluvials leapt with the winds, singing chorus to the birds as they passed by, flying. There’s a lot to complain about, tonight; My words are tired of their plight….


It is singing. If I were sleeping on lush green grass under a giant tree on a hill with the wind running wild and the sun going easy on me, it would’ve been a bliss. I’d have loved this bird. The sun is after my ass today; setting my insides on fire and I’m sticky…


Stone pines. Tall, rich stone pines. Why now? Because they were passing by; no, actually she was passing by. Stone pines. On both sides of the road. What lay behind those? Grass and other trees of course but who cares? She could only see stone pines. They’re the only ones she could name. The rest…

Shall we??

Replay, relive; Retell, believe. Dance again, Holding hands again, Sing along This story is ours We shall write again


Every cry a Melody Every sadness, a symphony Happiness, melancholy And smiles hide tragedies

Music suggestions please! Warning: this post is boring.

Who likes routine? There might be a few but not me. I’m always looking for something new but I hate changes. Getting my playlist right means everything to me. Though I’m not really into the latest fad, I really enjoy listening to music from different languages. India is home for hundreds of languages and I…


We found Harmony In Cacophony.


Your voice is Music to my ears When I see you sing, I’m blind to my fears