Where's the pie, child? Tell me, don't hide your fingers C'mon, look me in the eye! What's that around your mouth? Something sweet, Is that cream? What's with that slouch? Ye shall be punished For your lies, now follow me I'll show you where more lies Tell me, child, Where's the pie?

Wrong time

Something written In the wrong time Read it, brethren, It has no rhyme The song of silly crimes Written as the bell chimed A mouse ran from the inside Of the house, escaping the cat's glide The mad dog howling Since the middle of the night A shadow crept in, Avoiding the light It stayed … Continue reading Wrong time

Burnt papers, Fallen leaves And a heart that grieves; Scars that healed, Tears concealed, Love, the lust and greed; Broken promises Stolen kisses Wasted ink, Everything that disappeared in a blink Blood and scars, Sun and the stars Whisper tales of us Memories, victim to rust.