They say art stems from suffering, suffering gives life a meaning and They suffered the pain of their illusions; I paint my skin with the eternal pain of life itself.


Would you take a life if I asked you to? Don’t worry, don’t do it for free; make sure it’s painless, if you can’t, let it be quick and clean. Does it take long? Talk; spend some time with me. I’ll tell you stories of life, death and everything in between. Tell me. Would you…


Sometimes the best thing about love Is secrecy; the bane of secret love Is that it dies so.

Wandering thoughts.

We see things happen that often make us laugh, like someone we know getting into trouble; “Oh he stepped on a banana peel and fell” Or “He stepped on shit” It’s not always stepping on something, falling, hurting ourselves, falling sick, sometimes even death is a laughed at. Why do we do that? Why do…

Stop for a minute.

Oh I’ve had women, babe. Women who looked better and kissed great but all I could give them was a heartbreak. There’s nothing that I didn’t try, wept until the eyes dried; to get over you, move and and live my life and here you are, like every fucking time. Where were you when I…

Run, dog! Run!

It’s raining and the roads are flooded with traffic, cars going bumper to bumper. There’s a dog trying to get to the other side; the light is sometimes green and sometimes red. He ran across. He goes haywire, he’s blinded by lights and reflections in the water. Within a blink, he’s in the middle of…

Fever dream

Water leaks from the cuts; I try to stop the bleeding, wash the wounds with blood. I wipe my feet with mud and smell the putrid skin, ah! The scent of my soul, decaying within. Ribs protruding through the shirt, fingers adorned with dirt; silence reigns this place, that’s music to my mouth. I stagger…

Sinful heart

Through the crevices of my broken heart leaks a dim light, the fleeting moments of joy; A Crimson world manifested by my bleeding eyes.


I walk in the shadows, I dwell in the past Lurking in pain, the night is all I ask People are mirages, smoky, the path Voices are fleeting and aghast Hope starts to decay, ghosts come alive Guilt takes over, raining down the sky I walk further, I bear the pain For this life has…

I know. 🐛

What I lost when you left, Was never found again. Whatever Came later, was nothing but pain. I never believed, for you I prayed; I hear echoes of whatever you said. Now, the abyss is what I crave; I dread being safe and sane. I know we’re not the same; I know who takes the…


Woman after woman barged in and walked away; They had taught me one thing; that love is fleeting, conditional and devious. I thought I was seeking happiness and fulfilment but now I know, it was suffering that lured me, something that stayed in the shadows, always covered by sugarcoated lies called joy and completeness. It’s…


I know now, what I am; what I can be. I’ve embraced the asshole within me, come to terms with him and know this, my love, that I love you. When I’m with you, I feel no pain; when I’m with you, it feels like life isn’t vain. I forget my suffering when I tend…

Freedom is death When you’re in love with the cage; Happiness mourns you When you long for nothing but pain.


I’ve seen the shore, been there for too long For once let me sail into the waters Into the storm, My boat might not be strong I don’t care if I’d drown.


Somewhere between hickeys and scars, You wandered off And I let you go.


You’re my migraine, I am your pills; You don’t need those, I don’t want you.


I won’t tell you it’s gonna be okay; I can’t ask you to move on. All I can do is sit here, right here and share silence. What you have is what can’t be shared; the pain. I’ll let you suffer and that’s all I’ve got to offer.

In plain sight.

I was the truth that You wish, stayed hidden; I am a lie That you hide but can’t escape from.

What have you done?

We could always have been the should have beens. But now, we’re might’ve beens. Kudos to us, thanks to you. If you don’t mind, can you Move out of my way?


I looked at your picture this morning and said to myself: “If only she loved me like she loved herself” What an irony.


That sad moment when you know That You helped her find herself At the cost of losing yourself.


Will you talk to my eyes? Can you see through my words? Can I soak in your waters? And drown in your light? Do you hear my silence? Can you touch my pain? Can you smell my fears? And end it all again?

Light and pain.

You say I’m in darkness And I need light? But my words Are my saviour And pain makes me write.


Goodbyes never hurt; It’s the words that were hidden, Hopes lost, And voices that went unheard.


Her eyes rained tears; As her dreams bled to death.


Six feet under I sleep Bones rotting away Under this heap I lay Buried with me Are my memories Do you regret having no say? Does your pride numb the pain?

The inevitable.

Suffering, you see, is inevitable. Some suffer for happiness And others, from it.

Where are you?

You have a name, I dare not write You have a story, life, an endless night We have memories, can’t help but recall Ours is an ending I remember, Everytime I fall Like stones on a mountain, your dreams are scattered The wind blows past my ears, like all our unholy vows uttered My hands…


Where’s the pie, child? Tell me, don’t hide your fingers C’mon, look me in the eye! What’s that around your mouth? Something sweet, Is that cream? What’s with that slouch? Ye shall be punished For your lies, now follow me I’ll show you where more lies Tell me, child, Where’s the pie?